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Thai Chicken Pizza | Fork Knife Swoon

Thai Chicken Pizza

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The Honey and I have a Sunday night tradition which involves two staples: homemade pizza and dvr catch up. It’s our favorite way to cap off the weekend and wind down before the Monday morning alarm goes off. We generally opt for fresh veggie toppings from our little garden – tomato slices, spring onions, peppers and fresh herbs – but lately we’ve been experimenting with some new flavors, like this Thai chicken pizza topped with grilled chicken, peanut sauce, and lots of fresh veggies. This one was such a hit, it was the Honey who actually suggested I make it…

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Baked Chicken Parmesan | Fork Knife Swoon

Crispy Baked Parmesan Chicken

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I’ve been working on developing the perfect baked Parmesan Chicken recipe for a while now; the key is creating a crispy, flavorful crust while maintaining succulent, juicy meat inside. Too often the results can be soggy, greasy or overdone. I’ve experimented with different cooking methods, seasonings and breadcrumbs, but still wasn’t quite satisfied. So when Hellmann’s recently invited me to participate in their Making Over the Best celebration, and put my twist on a recipe Mario Batali has made over in honor of Hellmann’s 100 Year anniversary, it was kismet. The first recipe to catch my eye was Batali’s Favorite…

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Thai-Spiced Chicken Meatballs with Roasted Red Pepper Curry Sauce | Fork Knife Swoon

Thai-Spiced Chicken Meatballs with Red Pepper Curry Sauce

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The Honey and I make time every week for date night; one night a week carved out for just the two of us to explore new local restaurants. The tradition started when I first moved to the South and has become our weekly ritual – even when things get busy or stressful with work, it’s our night to decompress and spend quality time together. We’ve discovered some gems along the way, and keep a running list of new places to try. One of the restaurants that has been on the list for months is a little – and highly elusive…

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Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa | Fork Knife Swoon

Grilled Chicken with Mango Salsa

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Every year since we first moved into my childhood home, my parents have hosted a pot-luck barbecue over Memorial Day weekend for friends and neighbors. When we were little, the neighborhood was bustling with dozens of other kids around the same age, and we spent the afternoon running around the yard and munching on classic burgers and hot dogs. Now, with most of us well out of college, it remains an annual tradition. This year however, for the first time since it began, the festivities are being postponed. My cousin is getting married, and the family is converging on my…

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Crisypy Baked Chicken Tenders with Rosemary and Parmesan | Fork Knife Swoon

Crispy Baked Chicken Tenders with Rosemary and Parmesan

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These next words may get me in trouble given that I happen to live in the South, where golden brown, crispy fried chicken is a culinary staple, but these oven-baked chicken tenders are just as tasty, flavorful and texturally-fantastic as their fried counterparts. The trick is the light coating of herbs, Parmesan and panko – or Japanese-style bread crumbs – which creates the required crunch (without the fat and grease of oil and chicken skin) and helps keep the chicken moist and juicy while it cooks. The result is an out-of-this-world little chicken nibble, that’s healthier and actually easier to…

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Chicken with a Mustard Cream Sauce | Fork Knife Swoon

Chicken with a Quick Mustard Cream Sauce

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As if on cue, the arrival of Daylight Saving Time this weekend ushered in not only an extra hour of evening light, but the lovely, unexpected surprise of warm, sunny weather. After weeks of cold, dreary days, it suddenly feels as if Spring is here. While I know we may very well have snow again in the near future, for the moment I am focusing on this warm bliss. Simply-seasoned chicken breasts drizzled with a creamy mustard pan-sauce pair nicely with grilled veggies and a glass of white wine for a delicious Spring supper. The recipe comes together quickly, leaving…

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Lighter Slow Cooker Tukey Chili

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

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We live a bit outside of town, where farmland regularly intersects with a scattering of houses and small neighborhoods. It’s peaceful here. Open. Quiet. Plenty of land to meander through with the pup. This winter, it’s been especially still, with occasional falling snow and misty, foggy days. When the weather grows chilly, I turn to a handful of my favorite comfort recipes; tried-and-true soups and stews, warming roasts and a few other cozy dishes, including this hearty Turkey Chili. Not only is this flavorful chili a perfect cold-weather antidote, I love that it mostly cooks itself, simmering away all day…

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Loaded Italian Style Turkey Meatballs

Loaded Italian-Style Turkey Meatballs

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We came back from our coastal getaway to white, falling snowflakes – the first real flurries to stick since we moved to North Carolina. The cold, wintery day begged for one of our favorite comfort foods: Italian-Style Turkey Meatballs, loaded with cheese and fresh herbs. There is some time and care required in rolling out each little meatball by hand, but you end up with a delicious, comforting meal that feels so much more special than other, similar Italian meat sauce dishes. We love to eat these piled high atop whole wheat spaghetti, but you can really serve them with…

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Baked BBQ Chicken Wings

Baked BBQ Chicken Wings

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Believe it or not, between the Honey and I, I am by far the bigger football fan. However, I can usually cajole him into watching with me on Sundays for at least a little while by bribing him with game-time nibbles. One of our favorite game-day recipes is also the simplest: these sticky, flavorful, baked barbecue chicken wings. You can really make these delectable wings with any sauce you like, but more often than not we stick with a classic barbecue sauce, slathered generously and baked to perfection.

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Braised Chicken with Cannellini Beans and Fresh Herbs

Chicken with Cannellini Beans and Fresh Herbs

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Phew! Did you survive the holidays? Did your waistline? I certainly overindulged in the seemingly endless supply of holiday baked goods, Christmas cookies and other festive treats. I made four batches of these cookies alone. But as the new year begins, I’m craving fresher, healthier meals packed with lots of seasonal fruits and veggies. Simple dishes that are flavorful and nutritious yet satisfying in our still frosty, winter weather. This roasted Chicken with Cannellini Beans and Fresh Herbs is just that; perfectly juicy chicken and lemony white beans with aromatic garlic and fresh herbs. A delicious winter comfort meal without…

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