May 4, 2018

Honey Rosemary Grapefruit Sodas

Tart and fizzy honey rosemary grapefruit sodas combine a sweet and herbaceous rosemary simple syrup with fresh grapefruit juice and pure honey for a flavorful, naturally-sweetened homemade soda you’ll want to sip on all Summer long.

Naturally sweetened honey rosemary grapefruit sodas via

Calling all citrus lovers! I made you the most refreshing rosemary grapefruit sodas, perfect for warm days ahead.

When I was pregnant with Henry, I became something of an expert on delicious homemade (non-alcoholic) beverages. With the key being ultra refreshing.

Let me tell you, being eight months pregnant in August – sans air conditioning – is not ideal. It was approximately ten thousand degrees last summer when I was in the final stretch to meeting our little one, and I was thirsty. all. the. time.

Naturally sweetened honey rosemary grapefruit sodas via

There was no pale pink rosé for me of course – my ever-adored Summer sipper – and even my love of LaCroix has its limits, so to cope, and stay hydrated (and give myself a sweet treat), I started making homemade Italian sodas with fresh herbs and fruit juices.

This rosemary grapefruit soda was one of my early concoctions, naturally-sweetened with a rosemary simple syrup, made with honey and pure cane sugar. It’s bright and herbaceous, thanks to freshly-squeezed, perfectly tart, ruby red grapefruit juice, and topped off with a splash of sparkling water.

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April 19, 2018

Easy Strawberry Chia Jam

A quick and easy recipe for strawberry chia jam, that uses less sugar, but doesn’t sacrifice on peak-season berry flavor. Enjoy this healthier version on toast, swirled into yogurt or oatmeal, or any other way you love to eat jam!

Easy Strawberry Chia Jam via

One of my favorite things about living here in coastal Washington is our access to dozens of farmers markets, great farm-to-table restaurants, super fresh seafood, and tons of local produce, the highlight of which for me, you may have guessed by now, is the many varieties of berries that grow so well throughout the Pacific Northwest.

BUT, we’ll soon be getting to know a whole new agricultural and food scene, when we move again for my husband’s job this Summer, this time to the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

We got the official word a few weeks ago, and I haven’t really processed how much we’re going to miss our life here. Instead, we’ve just been working madly to get the house ready to sell and move across the country.

Easy Strawberry Chia Jam via

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March 28, 2018

Strawberry Jam Crumble Bars

Easy homemade strawberry jam crumble bars. They’re filled with everything to love about a classic strawberry fruit crisp – flavorful strawberries nestled between a buttery brown sugar and oat crust and crumble topping – but in convenient hand held form!

Easy Strawberry Jam Crumble Bars via

It’s no secret that I love a good fruit crumble – I’ve filled this blog with countless variations of them. What’s not to love about juicy seasonal fruit nestled under a buttery blanket of gently-spiced, brown sugar-laced, oat crumble goodness?

If that’s so wrong, I don’t want to be right.

I’m especially fond of jammy crumble bars – they combine everything wonderful about a traditional fruit crisp, but are portable, can be made in advance, keep well for a few days, and are easier to serve to a berry loving, crumble adoring, crowd.
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