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May 4, 2016

Black Bean and Rice Burrito Bowls with Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette

Healthy Black Bean and Rice Burrito Bowls with Cilantro-Lime Vinaigrette | via

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? We don’t every year – in an official margaritas-chips-and-salsa-fiesta sort of way at least – but based on how much Mexican food we eat on a regular basis around here, there’s a good chance we’ll be enjoying something South-of-the-border-inspired tomorrow night.

Like these easy burrito bowls!

My husband has – among many wonderful qualities – a… fairly limited repertoire in the kitchen, but when when we first moved in together, he introduced me to these black beans and rice burrito bowls, and I was smitten. They’ve become one of our favorite meals, and a regular part of our weekly recipe rotation.

They’re part salad, part burrito in a bowl, fully delicious, and packed with clean-eating goodness. Since we make a variation of these at least once a week, I figured it was about time I share these everyday bowls of yum with you. Continue Reading…

July 2, 2015

Ultimate Quinoa Veggie Cheeseburgers

Ultimate Quinoa Veggie Burgers | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoonUltimate Quinoa Veggie Burgers | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoonUltimate Quinoa Veggie Burgers | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoonUltimate Quinoa Veggie Burgers | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoonUltimate Quinoa Veggie Burgers | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoon

We lugged our massive BBQ grill out of the storage shed a few weeks ago, and we’ve been grilling just about everything in sight since, from sticky, sweet BBQ chicken, to local salmon filets, fresh veggies, the first stone fruit to pop up in the market, and of course tons of burgers.

I love nothing more than cooking and eating outside, especially on long, warm summer days, when the sun doesn’t begin to set until nine or later this far north. Lately, we’ve made an almost daily habit of spending our evenings out on the back patio, enjoying a cocktail or beer and soaking up the warm weather while cooking casual weeknight dinners on the grill. Living in all-too-often gloomy, coastal Washington, it’s practically criminal to waste a single warm and sunny day, and the glut of sunshine feels downright glorious.

One of our favorite al fresco recipes are these quinoa veggie burgers. Make that veggie cheeseburgers, because, in this house, a burger is not a burger without a big slice – or two – of delicious, melted cheese.

When I first proposed these veggie burgers – a hearty, flavorful quinoa and white bean patty, topped with Sargento® Natural Cheese Slices, a smokey burger spread, buttery avocado slices, lettuce, and crispy homemade dill pickles – my carnivorous hubby was skeptical.

But when he promptly polished off one – then two – cheeseburgers in one sitting, and asked if there were more, I knew that I was onto something. That meat-loving man is always my best barometer of vegetarian recipes. Continue Reading…

January 15, 2015

Tomato, White Bean and Kale Soup

Tomato, White Bean and Kale Soup | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoon

Last night, I had a horrifyingly realistic dream that began with getting arranged-marriage-promised to a stranger, followed with a multi-day wedding/traveling circus performance, and finally devolved into me trying to dissolve the marriage contract while vying for the affections of my true love (and actual, real-life husband) as a woman named Sharmula attempted to seduce him away. She did a dance in the middle of the ocean and everything.

Are people actually named Sharmula? I believe it’s also some kind of Middle Eastern fish marinade…

I woke up panicked and slightly sweaty with all of the covers wrapped tightly around me. It was still dark and the Honey’s alarm had just gone off. Maybe Sharmula had just been trying to give him a blanket.

Relaxing my vise-grip hold on the edges of the duvet, bleary eyes still closed, I whispered,

“Thank you for not picking Sharmula…”

He kissed me on the forehead.

“I had a dream last night that we bought a house together on a Caribbean island. It was awesome.”

Continue Reading…