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November 14, 2018

Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie Bars

Rich and creamy gingersnap pumpkin pie bars – everything to love about classic pumpkin pie, but so much easier, with a flavorful gingersnap cookie crumb crust, a silky smooth, ginger-spiced pumpkin filling, and perfect for a crowd!

gingersnap pumpkin pie bars via

These gingersnap pumpkin pie bars are for those of you who thought, wow, last week’s roasted sugar pumpkin pie sounds deeelicious, but also like, a lot of work.

Well, my friends, welcome to everything there is to love about that super creamy and flavorful pumpkin pie, bundled up nicely in nearly foolproof bar form, and ready in less than half the time. They’re the lazy baker’s BFF.
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July 31, 2018

Chewy Oatmeal Cookies with Cranberries and Dark Chocolate

The best chewy oatmeal cookies, flecked with dark chocolate and tangy cranberries. So easy to make with the perfect texture, tons of flavor from brown sugar, old-fashioned oats, cinnamon, and molasses, these bakery style cookies are the perfect Fall treat!

The best chewy oatmeal cookies with cranberries and dark chocolate via

Chocolate chip cookies may get the spotlight most of the time, but I love a great oatmeal cookie just as much. Maybe even more.

…Even packed full of raisins. Yes, it’s true.

For those of you that fundamentally disagree – raisins, are kind of like cilantro in that way, aren’t they? – do not worry. Today we’re not talking raisins, as these chewy oatmeal cookies are filled with vibrant dried cranberries and lots of rich, dark chocolate chunks instead.

They’re plump, buttery cookies, brimming with caramel notes from brown sugar and a hint of molasses, which also helps to achieve a perfectly chewy texture. Generously spiced with cinnamon, fragrant vanilla, and of course lots of old fashioned oats, they’re one of my very favorite cookies.

chocolate chips for chewy oatmeal cookies via

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December 7, 2016

Aunt Marie’s Molasses Cookies

The very best chewy molasses cookies via | @forkknifeswoon

For Christmas a few years ago, my Grandma gave me a copy of a family cookbook that several of my second cousins had put together, highlighting many of the favorite dishes that have been passed down over the generations.

The recipes, for things like fluffy buttermilk biscuits, the “perfect” turkey gravy, and split pea soup (with a ham hock thrown in for good measure), tell a story not only of great Southern food, but of memories and love shared around our family tables.

These chewy, flavorful molasses cookies come from my great Aunt Marie – a woman who, every morning, made those aforementioned biscuits from scratch. Yes, really.
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