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February 24, 2013

Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

Lighter Slow Cooker Tukey Chili

We live a bit outside of town, where farmland regularly intersects with a scattering of houses and small neighborhoods. It’s peaceful here. Open. Quiet. Plenty of land to meander through with the pup. This winter, it’s been especially still, with occasional falling snow and misty, foggy days.

When the weather grows chilly, I turn to a handful of my favorite comfort recipes; tried-and-true soups and stews, warming roasts and a few other cozy dishes, including this hearty Turkey Chili. Not only is this flavorful chili a perfect cold-weather antidote, I love that it mostly cooks itself, simmering away all day in the Slow Cooker, awaiting our return from a late-afternoon walk in the fields.

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February 18, 2013

Loaded Italian-Style Turkey Meatballs

Loaded Italian Style Turkey Meatballs

We came back from our coastal getaway to white, falling snowflakes – the first real flurries to stick since we moved to North Carolina. The cold, wintery day begged for one of our favorite comfort foods: Italian-Style Turkey Meatballs, loaded with cheese and fresh herbs.

There is some time and care required in rolling out each little meatball by hand, but you end up with a delicious, comforting meal that feels so much more special than other, similar Italian meat sauce dishes. We love to eat these piled high atop whole wheat spaghetti, but you can really serve them with any type of pasta you like or even on their own as a savory appetizer.

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