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Ginger Peach Pie with Blueberries

A sweet and flavorful ginger peach pie with juicy blueberries and an all-butter crust. Everything to love about classic peach pie, with an ever-so-spicy twist.

Blueberry Ginger Peach Pie via

Is it completely blasphemous to still be baking with peaches and blueberries?

Here in northern Virginia, it’s still nearly ninety degrees, and the end-of-summer produce game is strong. Peaches and plums, tomatoes and corn, blackberries and zucchini – all abound, piled high next to rosy pears and every shape and size of pumpkin.

So it feels totally appropriate to sneak in at least one more summer dessert highlighting the seasonal bounty before fall baking kicks into high gear. Enter this berry peach beauty.

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September 17, 2019

Double Chocolate Pecan Pie Tart (No Corn Syrup)

A truly indulgent double chocolate pecan pie tart, with an Oreo cookie crust and a gooey, fudgy, brownie-like chocolate filling topped with toasted pecans (made without corn syrup!), this chocolate-y twist on classic pecan pie is destined to become a holiday favorite!

double chocolate pecan pie tart via

This is probably not the best lead in to a pecan pie tart, but seeing as we’re all friends here, I’m going to be honest with you: I’m actually not a huge fan of classic pecan pie.

Pecan pie purists may disagree, but the corn syrupy filling that so often separates into a goopy, saccharine stripe beneath the otherwise innocent pecans in many traditional versions ruins the whole thing for me.

It’s one of the few desserts that’s just too sweet, even for my sugar-loving tastebuds.
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November 17, 2018

Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie Bars

Rich and creamy gingersnap pumpkin pie bars – everything to love about classic pumpkin pie, but so much easier, with a flavorful gingersnap cookie crumb crust, a silky smooth, ginger-spiced pumpkin filling, and perfect for a crowd!

gingersnap pumpkin pie bars via

These gingersnap pumpkin pie bars are for those of you who thought, wow, last week’s roasted sugar pumpkin pie sounds deeelicious, but also like, a lot of work.

Well, my friends, welcome to everything there is to love about that super creamy and flavorful pumpkin pie, bundled up nicely in nearly foolproof bar form, and ready in less than half the time. They’re the lazy baker’s BFF.
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November 14, 2018