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Hello & Welcome Hi! I’m Laura Bolton

The creator, cook, and photographer behind Fork Knife Swoon. I’m so glad you’re here! I focus on creating mostly sweet, approachable, and delicious recipes for the home cook, inspired by seasonal produce and whole foods.

Fork Knife Swoon began as a creative outlet in 2011, shortly after I finished graduate school. I was working as an interior designer for a high-end architecture and interiors firm in San Francisco, designing luxury hotels, restaurants, and residences around the world by day, and cooking and baking my way through the weekend.

This blog quickly became more than a hobby, as I fell in love with food writing and photography, and a few years later, I left my job to pursue content creation full time.

I grew up in the coastal community of Santa Barbara, CA, surrounded by a family of passionate home cooks and bakers. My love of food was cultivated early through family meals and travel. Many of my fondest memories are centered around the kitchen and cooking and eating together as a family, and it brings me so much joy to continue to share that with this community today.

Over the last ten years, my husband’s career in the military has taken us to Georgia, North Carolina, and to Tacoma, WA, and you’ll find stories of our adventures throughout these pages. We’ve since added a toddler to our little family, and now live in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

A Snapshot


Santa Barbara, CA


Current camera setup

Canon 5dsr + 50mm lens


Coffee Order

decaf vanilla almond milk latte

Lives in

Washington, D.C. suburbs


Inspired by

the seasons, natural light, flowers



fine art and interior architecture




I’d rather be

on the coast


Go-To Meal

burrito bowls with all the toppings