Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

In this easy spinach and ricotta stuffed shells recipe, three cheeses combine with quick sauteed spinach and jumbo pasta shells for a hearty and comforting, crowd-pleasing vegetarian dinner.

spinach and ricotta stuffed shells recipe from forkknifeswoon.com

Growing up, I was one of those bizarre children who actually liked eating vegetables. For a long time, spinach was my very favorite, and I would eat big bowls of it simply steamed, or sometimes with a little sprinkling of cheese.

I loved those leafy greens. Before you envy my parents having a child content to munch on spinach, sweet potatoes, peas, tomatoes, or other fresh produce procured in our family vegetable garden, they also lived through my angst-filled adolescent years, and I’m sure they’ll remind you that it all evens out in the end.

Today we still eat a lot of spinach, and I like incorporating it into recipes for a healthy boost. In this spinach and ricotta stuffed shells recipe, we combine quick sauteed spinach with creamy ricotta and mozzarella cheeses, all tucked in to extra-large pasta shells and baked to bubbly goodness. The result is a healthy and hearty baked pasta dish that makes for a crowd-pleasing vegetarian meal.

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Stuffed Shells with Spinach and Ricotta | Fork Knife Swoon

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

  • Author: Fork Knife Swoon
  • Prep Time: 15 mins
  • Cook Time: 35 mins
  • Total Time: 50 mins
  • Yield: 4 Servings 1x



  • 16 jumbo pasta shells (Cook a couple of extra shells to allow for a few breaking while the pasta cooks.)
  • 11/2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp fresh garlic, minced
  • 4 cups (packed) fresh spinach leaves, roughly-chopped
  • 12 oz skim-milk ricotta cheese
  • 1 cup shredded skim-milk mozzarella cheese
  • 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, plus more for serving
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tbsp fresh basil, finely chopped
  • 1 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 tsp freshly-ground black pepper
  • 11/4 cups marinara sauce


  1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Cook the pasta al dente, according to package directions. Drain and set aside.
  2. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. When the oil begins to shimmer, add the garlic and cook until it begins to brown, about a minute or two. Add the spinach and cook, stirring occasionally, until the leaves begin to wilt but are still bright green, about 3 to 4 minutes. The spinach should be reduced by half. Remove from the heat and let cool.
  3. In a mixing bowl, stir together the spinach, ricotta, mozzarella, Parmesan, egg, basil and salt and pepper until thoroughly combined. Pour 1/2 cup of the marinara sauce into the bottom of a shallow 8-inch by 8-inch baking dish. Stuff each pasta shell with a generous amount of the spinach and ricotta mixture, and place in the baking dish.
  4. Cover with the remaining sauce and bake covered with aluminum foil for 25 minutes. Remove the foil and continue baking until the top begins to brown and the sauce begins the bubble, another 10-15 minutes. Serve warm with a dusting of Parmesan.


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  1. 10.4.20
    April said:

    This is a favourite in our house. I told my 4yr old very picky eater that it was Santa’s favourite meal. It’s now my son’s favourite dinner He asked me to make it for school lunch โ™ฅ๏ธ thanks for the great recipe.

    • 10.5.20
      Laura said:

      Ahh, love this!! Thanks so much, April!

  2. 10.3.20
    Candie Salenc said:

    I tried this recipe and I just LOVE IT
    Itโ€™s easy to do, a little bit of time is needed but it is so worth it !!!!
    I really recommend doing it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    • 10.5.20
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Candie!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 10.7.20
      Emery said:

      Just now cooking but smells good lol

    • 10.7.20
      Emery said:

      Just now cooking but smells good lol

  3. 9.21.20
    Chantelle Baltimore said:

    Can the shells be made one day ahead of time and baked the following day

    • 9.23.20
      Laura said:

      Hi, Chantelle! Yes, you can. Just cover tightly and refrigerate. Keep in mind they may take a few minutes longer to bake if your pan is really cold. Enjoy!!

  4. 9.21.20
    Nicole said:

    Made this last night for my Dad’s 71st birthday, it was an absolute hit. Although, I would slate over an hour for this recipe, prep is a little more time consuming. Highly recommended recipe!

    • 9.21.20
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Nicole!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. 8.26.20
    Victoria Ann Pagano said:

    Delicious recipe! Iโ€™ve made stuffed shells before…and this recipe is perfect! I even made homemade ricotta..thereโ€™s a repeat batch in the oven right now, with extra spinach:)

    • 8.26.20
      Laura said:

      Thank you so much, Victoria!! I bet the shells are incredible with the homemade ricotta! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 6.16.20

    easy to make taste amazing

  7. 4.30.20

    We LOVE this recipe, definitely a favorite in our home. Great leftovers too.

  8. 4.27.20
    Ibolya K said:

    I cooked it today without mozzarella cheese (wasnโ€™t at home) and it was super super delicious!! Thanks for sharing.

  9. 4.23.20
    Lesley said:

    Have had this recipe for a while and finally decided to try. Oh my – absolutely delicious and very easy to make. Took to heart your comments about the shells being delicate and treated them gently. I cooked them the day prior and I believe this made them easier to fill.
    My 8″ x 8″ dish was a snug fit for sixteen shells but maybe that was a good thing.
    How do you think this would taste with a white, Alfredo type sauce?

  10. 4.14.20
    Molly Grenier said:

    I havenโ€™t tried this recipe yet, but itโ€™s impossible to print! All the adds show when you try to print and they cover the instructions! Iโ€™ll write it down for now.

  11. 4.5.20
    caryn said:

    Second time making this! Husband who is usually a staunch carnivore loves it!!! A yummy way to get lots of veggies into our system <3

  12. 3.30.20
    Diane said:

    So delicious! I thawed a box of frozen spinach which I had on hand, strained it squeezing out excess water and used it instead of fresh and it still came out great! I did use a mixer to mix up the filling and used my pampered chef Easy Accent Decorator to fill my shells with it. Super easy. Thank you for sharing this! โค๏ธ

  13. 3.23.20
    Vanessa Green said:

    This recipe was great!!! Love it!!! Truly delicious! I plan on making this again using the same recipe for my family!

  14. 2.9.20
    Naya said:

    I used Classico pasta sauce sweet basil. In my cheese mixture I added nutmeg. Taste cheese mixture before adding egg. At the end I covered with remaining sauce added sprinkle raw cane sugar, Parmesan, mozzarella. My kids loved it.

  15. 1.29.20
    Shama said:

    Very time consuming in my opinion but outstanding result. Absolutely delicious!

  16. 1.23.20
    Emily said:

    Is this recipe easy to make a day ahead and cook the next day? If not, can the filling be made ahead of time?

    • 1.23.20
      Laura said:

      Hi, Emily! Yes, you can definitely make this ahead of time, just cover tightly and refrigerate. Depending on what type of pan you use, you may need to add a little extra to the baking time (especially true of ceramic pans which hold onto the cold longer). The filling can also be made ahead of time, on its own. The only thing to note is that sometimes ricotta can separate/weep over time, which has no bearing on the taste but isn’t quiiite as pretty ๐Ÿ˜‰ Alternatively, you can also freeze the shells to bake at a later date. Enjoy!!

  17. 12.12.19
    Amber Bruot said:

    It was easy to make and tasted amazing. It was definitely a winner with the family.

  18. 11.19.19
    Erin said:

    So good and super easy to make! Followed recipe exactly.

  19. 11.12.19
    Soon-Hi said:

    This recipe was amazing! I made it for friends and they really loved it! I used manicotti instead of shells. This bumped the bake time to 40 mins at 400 degrees. I also added lemon zest, oregano and red pepper flakes to my ricotta mixture. I would recommend Raoโ€™s basil and garlic pasta sauce if you arenโ€™t looking to make one from scratch. I will definitely make this again.

  20. 11.1.19
    Birdie Harms said:

    My granddaughters and I made this today for lunch. They really had fun doing it and it was DELICIOUS!!! We made it exactly to the recipe except we made our own red sauce. I used a 29 oz. can of tomato sauce and spiced it with 2 T olive oil, 2 tsp garlic, 1 T of italian seasoning, 1 T parsley flakes, 1/2 tsp oregano, 1/2 tsp thyme, salt and pepper stir and cook. Less expensive than buying the ready made and a lot tastier.

  21. 10.27.19
    Amy said:

    Amazing! The whole family loved it.

  22. 10.20.19
    Kelly Schultz said:

    tip: put the filling into a ziplock bag, snip the bag and use it like a pastry bag to fill the pasta. if you have leftover, then you can knot or clip the snipped end and freeze, add it to the next pasta dish you make (is also a good way to hide the spinach in bolognese from the kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ and up the vege content of soups). I’ve also made successfully with Persian feta, goat cheese, and cream cheese if you don’t like ricotta texture.

  23. 10.16.19
    Adrienne said:

    Good recipe. I added a splash of heavy cream to the ricotta to make it a little less grainy. Also did not saute spinach first, I had some fresh and just chopped it up. I also had some leftover cooked ground beef from tacos, and added that. It was fine!

    • 10.22.19
      Emily said:

      Easy and delicious recipe. Wondering if this freezes well and if so what the reheating/cooking instructions would be?

  24. 10.1.19
    Nancy Arcand said:

    Followed recipe and found texture crumbly (ricotta), even with alk tbe cheese. What could have made this better?

    • 3.2.20
      Erin said:

      You could use a beater on the mixture. Lightens it and busts up chunks.

  25. 9.7.19
    Etta said:

    These are amazing! All 3 of my kids ate them up and my husband kept complimenting me on dinner:) thanks for sharing this recipe, it’s a family staple now!
    I didn’t have fresh basil so I had to use dried, and I used bacon grease to saute the garlic and spinach in. Other than that, I followed it to a T.

  26. 8.24.19
    Lauren said:

    I love this recipe! I follow it to a T and comes out perfect every time! I do crumble hot Italian sausage in a pan and cook that, then separate the recipe in half and do half veggie (only spinach) and half with the added sausage! SOOO delicious! Have used this recipe so many times and never fails me ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. 8.20.19
    Jen said:

    I love how this recipe can be done on a weeknight and it turned out super delicious. I only changed the mozz and sub’d in pearl fresh mozz, 8 oz pouch. It was less expensive so I went for it.

  28. 7.8.19
    Meghan said:

    Holy. Crap. This recipe is amazing! I made my own marinara sauce, used frozen spinach, and sprinkled the leftover mozzarella on top, with a quick broil at the end. Everyone absolutely loved it. I do agree that it takes longer than stated to put together, but it can also be prepared well ahead of time, and I literally eyeballed everything. Five solid stars!

  29. 7.6.19
    Lauren said:

    Can you freeze the stuffed shells?

  30. 6.20.19
    Amanda said:

    I love this recipe and so does the whole family. ๐Ÿ™‚ I sometimes use frozen spinach instead.

  31. 6.1.19
    Megan said:

    It did take me a bit longer to make since you need to stuff individual shells but it was delicious.

  32. 5.28.19
    Wendy McPeake said:

    Delish! A favourite in my family.

  33. 3.24.19
    Sarah said:

    This recipe is in my top 5 favorites. Iโ€™ve been making it for years and it is always a hit! I like to add mushrooms to mine.

    • 4.14.19
      Laura said:

      So happy to hear that! Thanks, Sarah!!

  34. 3.10.19
    Sally DuPerron said:

    Made this recipe more than once and the family loves it. It is a little messy stuffing the shells but well worth the time.

  35. 3.9.19
    Maggie said:

    I’ve been making this recipe for a long time and it’s always a major hit in our house! We love spinach, and the mixture works well in lasagna too. I’m actually not a big ricotta fan, but the additional ingredients give it a much more palatable texture for me to enjoy!

    As others have said, you dont have to exact in your measurements. I usually make a double batch and freeze part of the mixture. It holds up well and then I have it ready for a weeknight when I don’t have as much time!

    Italian sausage tastes really yummy with this as do meatballs. I usually throw in one or the other while baking it to make my husband happy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  36. 3.2.19
    Kayla said:

    This is straight-up the best “impress your neighbors” recipe out there! So good, and leftovers taste just as great! Definitely a favorite at our house.

  37. 3.1.19
    Micki said:

    Made this the other night. We loved it!

  38. 2.11.19
    Brad said:

    **for a time saver, use a block of frozen spinach and toss in the microwave. Less to clean up and makes prep time shrink**

    I’ve been making this for s few years now and it always gets rave reviews! The best part is nothing needs to be measured precisely. One can simply dump everything together loosely measured and season to taste. So good! Thank you for a delicious and quick weeknight hit!

  39. 2.2.19
    Lynn said:

    I left a previous review, but after making it again I wanted to add some things. First of all there is no way that 16 jumbo stuffed shells fit into an 8 x 8 pan. (others have mentioned that) I was serving 12 people so I increased the amount of the ingredients and fit 22 jumbo shells (squeezing them) into a 9 x 13 inch pan. I used a big bag of baby spinach from Trader Joe’s, it cooks down so much and then you don’t have leftovers, more garlic and more fresh basil. Also used the entire 16 oz container of ricotta and most of 1 26 oz jar of marinara. One of my main complaints about recipes is the “prep time”. Not just this recipe, but most of them. There is no way you can put this together in 15 min unless you have all of the ingredients out and measured, chopped and ready to go. So be sure you plan accordingly. To me all of that gathering, measuring and chopping needs to be added to the prep time. I think it took me 15 minutes just to stuff the shells and put them in the pan. All that being said it is a great recipe, so easy to make ahead and refrigerate, then put into cook just before serving. It served 12 easily with enough left over for my lunch the next day. For the meat eaters I put a couple of bags of Trader Joe’s Italian style meatballs in the crockpot with more of the marina sauce in the morning.

    • 10.20.19
      Kelly Schultz said:

      I shove it all in a food processor (and any stray mushrooms or herbs in fridge) – blitz for a few seconds – put in a baggie, snip, fill, pour jar sauce over, pop in oven, 10 minutes out top with melty cheese. It might get more flavor if you brown the garlic, but I also put in some powered garlic and onion for added flavor. Use fresh spinach and you’ve got plenty of moisture to cook the pasta. Not worth the fuss to precook anything. I reckon I can get it all done and in oven and cleanup in dishwasher in 10! Cannelloni works same way – better still involve the kids and they can make dinner! It’s the go to for vegetarian company.

      • 5.28.20
        Heidi said:

        I really welcomed this advice. With a small child at home, I tried this quick method. I didnโ€™t precook the shells either. The only thing I would add to this above review is to suggest adding some water along with some extra sauce so that thereโ€™s enough moisture for the pasta to cook. Took an hour, covered with foil except the last ten minutes so that the cheese could nicely brown. We loved it! Thanks for a great recipe and for this fast prep tip!

  40. 1.31.19
    sandy said:

    has anyone ever made it with cottage cheese in place of ricotta. I sometimes do in lasagna so was wondering if it would work in these.

    • 2.2.19
      Sammy_T said:

      Every time! I followed this recipe, but instead of replacing the ricotta – I just add some additional cottage cheese! Yum!

  41. 1.28.19
    Lynn said:

    I’m making this again tonight for my Bunco group. Very tasty! I did add extra spinach, extra fresh basil and a pinch of nutmeg as one reviewer suggested. The really great part is how easy it is to put together ahead of time, have everything cleaned up and just pop in the oven before all ready to go.

  42. 1.23.19
    Jessica said:

    Made this tonight and we all loved it! Will definitely make again. Recipe was clear and easy to follow.

  43. 1.12.19
    Michelle said:

    The day I found this recipe it absolutely changed my life. Everyone that has ever tried this recipe (including myself) has said โ€œThese are amazing, they taste better then going to a restaurantโ€. Iโ€™m not one to brag about my cooking but these stuffed shells are so amazing and make me feel like Iโ€™m a brilliant chef ๐Ÿ™‚ I make these all the time year round! I follow the recipe step by step and it has never failed me!


  44. 1.1.19
    Shakoya said:

    It was an ok recipie. Not to flavorful though. Kind of bland.

  45. 12.24.18
    MomSandie said:

    I’ve made this many, many times and it is always so good! Fresh basil is hard to come by in the long Minnesota winter unless I drive pretty far to a ‘specialty’ grocery store so I just use a jarred pesto (about 1/4 cup) and it works great!

  46. 12.23.18
    Melissa said:

    This is my most favorite recipe for stuffed shells! Thank you for sharing ! ๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™ve made it countless times for my husband and I and we never get sick of it!

  47. 12.14.18
    Debbie A said:

    You’re not saying what kind of marinara sauce you used so how’s everybody saying this is so good if you don’t know what sauce is being used…. there has to be some fake reviews in this the recipe without stating how to make marinara sauce

    • 12.19.18
      Natalie said:

      This was absolutely amazing! Debbie, I think the sauce is more of a preference. The first time i made this i used store brand marinara and this time i used Simply Ragu. That being said both sauces didn’t make a huge difference in taste, still delicious! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • 12.20.18
      Pam said:

      I agree with Natalie. Though simply Ragu is my new favorite sauce of late. ๐Ÿค—

    • 12.22.18
      Sandy Hafenbrack said:

      Can I make this the night before and bake it the following day?

    • 8.7.19
      Linda said:

      I used cheap marinara in a can from the dollar store and the recipe still came out fine. Marinara is marinara…basically tomatoes, salt, olive oil and garlic. Can add onions and spices, too, but not necessary.

    • 3.2.20
      Erin James said:

      Chop 1 very lg onion. saute in 3 tbsp olive oil till almost browned and add 2 cloves minced garlic. Add 2 lg cans whole tomatoes (crush with hands) and simmer for at least 20 min. Season well with s and p.

  48. 12.12.18
    Nicole said:

    Delicious. Easy-to-follow recipe and completely doable for a novice cook. I hate to cook, but I love to eat. And I was so thankful this recipe didn’t give me an anxiety attack or an aneurysm while making dinner for my kiddos… (which is what usually happens.) It’s always a win when at least 1 of my 2 spoiled and picky (and beautifully and precious) children eat anything I cook.

  49. 12.3.18
    Monica said:

    Have you ever made ahead of time and froze? Suggestions on that if you have? Looking to โ€œpre makeโ€ Christmas dinner.

    Thank you.

    • 12.5.18
      Nehal Tenany said:

      I have this question as well!

  50. 11.15.18
    Allie said:

    So good!!! Iโ€™ve made this twice and itโ€™s now one of my favorite recipes.

  51. 11.12.18
    Melissa said:

    This was very simple to make and turned out delicious! I boiled my shells 10 minutes per package instructions if being used to bake and they turned out great. I used a whole jar of sauce and a 16 ounce container of ricotta, and this yielded about 20 or so stuffed shells. I will definitely be making this again and experimenting too!

  52. 11.6.18
    Walter Linares said:

    I made these but for a Friendsgiving tomorrow. Theyโ€™re currently in the oven but not sure if I can just reheat them in the oven tomorrow morning? Help ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    • 11.7.18
      Laura said:

      Sure! They should be fine, just pop them in the oven covered with some aluminum foil until heated through. Happy Friendsgiving!

  53. 11.4.18
    Karlene said:

    It was delicious!!

  54. 10.20.18
    Tom said:

    Made your recipe to the letter, AWESOME ! I did add fresh mozzarella to the top the last ten minutes, oh and some homemade meatballs on the edge, WONDERFUL.

    • 10.30.18
      Laura said:

      So happy to hear it, thanks, Tom!!

  55. 10.17.18
    Melody said:

    I’ve made this recipe several times and it is delicious! It has become a real family favorite.

    • 10.17.18
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Melody! So happy to hear that!

  56. 10.1.18
    Alexandra said:

    I added a bit of sausage and cherry tomatoes that I had in the fridge. I couldn’t find large shells so I used small ones and it ended up making enough for 2 dishes. Ones in the oven and the others in the freezer. I can’t wait for dinner!!

  57. 9.12.18
    Sheila Boisson said:

    Love the recipe, but in order for it to be vegetarian you need to leave out the Parmesan Cheese.

    • 9.12.18
      Laura said:

      Hi Sheila! Yes, it’s true that traditional Parmigiano-Reggiano is not vegetarian, but you can find parmesan cheese made without animal rennet if you’re making it for a vegetarian crowd ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 11.17.18
      Jenn said:

      It would have to be vegan for no Parmesan. Vegetarians eat cheese, use milk and occasionally eat fish sometimes.
      Vegan and vegetarianism are very different things.

  58. 8.31.18
    Dave Schmid said:

    Excellent, we added ground beef to the sauce and cut up a small onion finely .

    • 9.10.18
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Dave!! Sounds yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. 8.14.18
    Karen said:

    I made this for dinner tonight and it was so good! Iโ€™ll definitely make it again.

  60. 8.8.18
    Estelle said:

    Iโ€™ve just made this recipie and it was delicious. I was a bit shy on the seasoning – but thatโ€™s my fault. Not much left to freeze! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • 9.10.18
      Laura said:

      Thank you, Estelle!! So glad you enjoyed the recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. 7.20.18
    Sue said:

    I haven’t made stuffed spinach in 20 years! I use chopped frozen spinach in mine. It is just as good advice 20 years ago and very filling too! Freezing the rest of it for another meal.

    • 8.1.18
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Sue!! So happy to hear it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 9.6.18
      Julie said:

      How much frozen spinach did you use?

      • 9.10.18
        Laura said:

        Hi Julie! An 8-10oz package should replace the fresh spinach.

  62. 7.15.18
    Katie said:

    I am planning on freezing this to cook later – do I need to let it come to room temperature first? Or any recommendations for adjusting cooking time/temp?

    Can’t wait to make.

    • 7.15.18
      Katie said:

      Oops! I see all of the other responses – I’ll take a look through. Thanks!

  63. 7.6.18
    Amber Lyn said:

    I make this at least once a week, because itโ€™s so good. Highly recommend!!

    • 7.7.18
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Amber!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. 6.26.18
    Rachel Fontana said:

    Delicious!! I add ground Italian sausage and sauteed onions with the spinach! This is such a great meal!! Thanks for sharing!!

    • 6.29.18
      Laura said:

      I often add Italian sausage too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks so much, Rachel!!

  65. 6.10.18
    Kari said:

    I donโ€™t usually LIKE Italian style food, but the use of basil instead of oregano pursueded ne to try it. Glad I did. I had enough shells to feed 2 people for three dinners and froze another meal for later. I added in fresh chopped mushrooms with the spinach just because I had them in the fridge.

    • 6.13.18
      Laura said:

      Oh, I’m so happy to hear I could convert you ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Kari!!

  66. 5.21.18
    Marina said:

    Excellent recipe! easy and tasty! Thank you!

  67. 5.13.18
    Funny Lady said:

    Tasty and very easy recipient to cook and is a really good meal for a weekday dinner

  68. 5.10.18
    Louise W. said:

    Made recipe as directed, except I added a little more mozzarella on top rather than Parmesan. Three of us had for dinner and it was all eaten. I would have made a double batch but wanted to try the recipe first.

    • 5.16.18
      Laura said:

      Nothing wrong with extra cheese! So happy to hear you enjoyed my stuffed shells!!

  69. 5.8.18
    Emily Nicholas said:

    Wow, this recipe is a definite home run! I usually can never find recipes with enough flavor but this was delicious and even better the next day. I added 1 more tsp of garlic because we are crazy about garlic. Thank you for this recipe, a new family favorite!

    • 5.16.18
      Laura said:

      We are garlic lovers too, can never really add too much ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks, Emily!! So happy to hear your family loved this one!

  70. 5.7.18
    loretta mahoney said:

    One of the few meatless meals my bf loves!! (Me too…) Tonight I made it again and as I turned to put the finished pan into the oven I spied my skillet with sauteed spinach and garlic sitting on top of the stove. OH NO!! I had forgotten to mix it in with the ricotta cheese mixture before I stuffed the shells. I squished the spinached into the sauce between the shells and baked it according to the directions. It had a more intense flavor first bite, but quickly followed by the creamy ricotta. Half the family liked it better, half did not. Love this rceipe either way

    • 5.7.18
      Laura said:

      Oh no! So happy to hear that things still worked out! This recipe is pretty easy going, and one of our favorites, too ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for following along, Loretta!!

  71. 5.7.18
    Charlotte said:

    This was a total win! Already getting asked for a redo with the extra pasta I made. I used Greek basil from my garden instead, which add a warm, spicy kick to the basil flavor thatโ€™s similar to nutmeg or cloves. Used Emerilโ€™s Vodka Sauce as the tomato sauce, which married so perfectly with the Greek basil. Side note that youโ€™d never know from the taste that itโ€™s skim everything – so nice & creamy! Excellent ratio of spinach to cheese.

    • 5.7.18
      Laura said:

      So happy to hear that, Charlotte!! I am a big fan of vodka sauce, and it would be great with these stuffed shells! Also, very intrigued to try the Greek basil, usually I go for sweet Italian basil, but that sounds delish!

  72. 4.28.18
    Carola said:

    Hey there from Germany! We love your recipe and cooked it a few times. My husband wished for it for tonight’s dinner – he loves it and doesn’t even miss meat in this dish! Thank you so much sharing this genious recipe!

    • 5.3.18
      Laura said:

      Thank you so much, Carola!! I’m so happy to hear that! My meat-loving husband also loves these stuffed shells ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. 4.17.18
    Jillian said:

    I realized I’ve made this soooo many times but never commented on it!!! My family absolutely LOVES this recipe. It’s super simple to make, and always turns out amazing, and it works perfect for lunches the next day! Using marinara sauce was a tad too sweet for me, so we just use regular pasta sauce instead and it’s perfect! Thank you for this awesome recipe!

    • 4.20.18
      Laura said:

      Thank you so much, Jillian! That makes me so happy to hear!! It’s always a crowd pleaser around here too ๐Ÿ™‚

  74. 4.12.18
    Jess said:

    I left out the parmesan, used kale instead of spinach, and dried basil insteas of fresh. Came out very good

  75. 4.11.18
    Jennifer Savino said:

    Me and my husband loved this recipe. I used an Italian blend bag of cheese and it worked out perfect. I will absolutely keep this on hand as a go to recipe. It really didn’t take long to make so it is good for a week day meal and we will eat leftovers tomorrow night for dinner.

    • 4.20.18
      Laura said:

      I’m so happy to hear it, thanks, Jennifer!!

  76. 4.8.18
    Amanda said:

    These were amazing!! My bf said he never had shells like these in his entire life and heโ€™s Italian! Definitely will be making again!

    • 4.20.18
      Laura said:

      That is such a sweet compliment! Thank you, Amanda! (and thank your boyfriend too!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  77. 3.18.18
    Carla said:

    Easy, light, and delicious!

  78. 2.11.18
    Lana said:

    Hey there- I was just wondering if it would be okay to remove the egg from this recipe, and if you knew any possible substitutes for the egg in this recipe

  79. 2.10.18
    April said:

    These were full of flavor and so delicious, and also easy to make. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

  80. 1.17.18
    Tomeka Pitts said:

    I want to add Italian sausage to the Marinara. Can I make it the day before?

  81. 1.10.18
    Cynthia Taylor said:

    Amazing! Made these for Christmas Eve dinner. We usually do lasagna made the same way with spinach in the ricotta however never thought to sautee the spinach in garlic first. That was a nice Plus! Instead of marinara I made my regular lasagna sauce which includes ground beef and some ground mild Italian sausage. And of course homegrown tomatoes and some very good red wine! We are lucky enough to have an Italian store that makes their own pasta noodles so having homemade shells just took this off the charts! They were definitely a hit and easier than lasagna! Will be making this time and time again so thank you for sharing this recipe!

  82. 1.6.18
    Ariane said:

    Delicious!! Followed the recipe exactly except I also cooked ~1/2 lb of lean ground beef and added it to the cheese/spinach mixture. Will be making this again and again!

  83. 12.22.17
    Nicolette Dinolfo Trobaugh said:

    Do you think I could make these ahead and freeze? I wonder how it would effect cooking time?

  84. 12.21.17
    Dgen said:

    Can you use whole ricotta and mozzarella cheese?

  85. 12.15.17
    Ren said:

    Wondering if anyone has made this without egg and how it came out? Thanks!

  86. 12.15.17
    Anglea Mazurek said:

    Made this dish for office party . It was a huge hit. Definitely one of my favorites

  87. 12.9.17
    Christian said:


  88. 12.5.17
    Sarah L said:

    These were AMAZING! We followed the recipe exactly. We’re definitely going to be making them more often.

  89. 11.28.17
    Jamaica said:

    Made and added Italian sausage to the ricotta mix…along with spinach and garlic… tasty and delicious!! Left a few plain ones for the kiddos…thanks for sharing!

  90. 11.26.17
    Celeste Luna said:

    It was super easy to make. Filling and delicious! It was a big hit with the family. Xo thank you

  91. 11.22.17
    Radhika said:

    I accidentally bought frozen spinach instead of fresh. Can I use it? I was thinking of thawing and draining it, then sautรฉing it as per your recipe…

    • 11.22.17
      Laura said:

      Hi Radhika! You can absolutely use frozen spinach – just thaw and drain like you described and cook according to the recipe. Enjoy!!

  92. 11.14.17
    Pat Schwartze said:

    Tried this tonight.. my husband had 5 shells! Our daughter made another version of these, said these were better.. thank you! Delicious

    • 11.15.17
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Pat!! Sounds like my husband ๐Ÿ˜‰

  93. 10.22.17

    Husband loved these, which he didn’t expect to do. I ended up with a creamy stuffing because I didn’t read the recipe closely enough. So I pureed all the stuffing items (because I hadn’t chopped the spinach before cooking). This is similar to a spinach lasagna I’ve been making for years in that that includes a spinach-ricotta element but has meat sauce rather than tomato sauce. I used Hazan’s tomato sauce with a little garlic added. Just fabulous. I had to substitute dried basil for the leaves, but that didn’t seem to affect the end product. DELICIOUS!

    • 11.11.17
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Mura!! So happy to hear you loved these as much as we do ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. 10.9.17
    Aly Nadine said:

    These are so delicious, this is my second time making them. My family goes NUTS over them! It’s so silly that I never thought to do an egg to my eye mixture to keep I all together, and in the main cook in my house! This uses the perfect amount of cheese filling the right ratio of ingredients. Thanks for the recipe, it’s the only one I’ll ever use from now on!

    • 10.9.17
      Aly Nadine said:

      Whoops, so many typos!
      *never thought to add an egg to my cheese mixture
      *I’m the main cook

  95. 9.7.17
    Pat said:

    Made these last night and they were fantastic. So flavourful!

  96. 9.3.17
    Joann said:

    This is the best recipe for stuffed shells ever! Love that you use fresh spinach, not frozen. Thank you for sharing this delicious and healthy recipe.

  97. 8.17.17
    Jesse Anne said:

    This recipe is actually amazing!!

    • 8.29.17
      Laura said:

      Thank you so much, Jesse!!

  98. 7.21.17
    Joan Hart said:

    I made this as written and wouldn’t change a thing. It makes me so happy when I try a new recipe and it turns out even better then expected. Thanks for a simple recipe that is fresh and flavorful. I will make this dish again and again, its that good!!

  99. 7.18.17
    BOBBIE said:

    Really awesome! I made some slight tweaks. I chopped up the spinach with scissors and just used the rest of my baby spinach, was probably a little less than what it called for. I also chopped up 4 big white mushrooms for heartiness and half an onion. I sautรฉed those and then added the garlic and spinach. I then dolloped sauce on top and didn’t smother it and then added more shredded mozzarella on top. I bought a big loaf and shredded myself. Omg so much better than pre shredded mozzarella, it has so much moisture! Overall a great recipe. Will double it next time and freeze!

  100. 7.11.17
    mary said:

    where do you find the shells, can’t find them anywhere.

    • 7.12.17
      Laura said:

      Hmmm… I can find these at most of our local grocery stores (Safeway, Target, Fred Meyer etc.) but if you can’t find them locally you can also buy them online: http://amzn.to/2uSNS8z Hope that helps!!

      • 8.6.17
        Julia said:

        Try homegood store they bring food from all over the world
        Today I found the biggest shell you can’t imagine
        Trying this recipe tomorrow

    • 7.15.17
      Debra Austin said:

      I got mine at Wal-Mart

  101. 6.25.17
    Kaleid said:

    I moved to a 9 by 11 dish to get all 16 in and added moz and park on top.

  102. 6.21.17
    Diane said:

    Loved this recipe! I substituted chopped kale for the spinach and used bechamel instead of marinara-delicious. So delicious in fact, my husband ate almost the entire pan of shells!!

    • 6.22.17
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Diane!! I’m so happy to hear you love this one – your substitutions sound amazing!

  103. 6.21.17
    Diane Sarin said:

    Loved this recipe! I substituted chopped kale for the spinach and used bechamel instead of marinara-delicious. So delicious in fact, my husband ate almost the entire pan of shells!!

  104. 6.19.17
    Casey said:

    Do you think ground beef could be substituted for the spinach? My cousin isn’t a big green person and my husband is a big meat eater. Regardless, can’t wait to try it tonight!

    • 6.19.17
      Laura said:

      Hi Casey! Yes, you could absolutely add ground beef, just be sure it’s fully cooked and slightly cooled before adding it to the filling/shells. Hope you enjoy!

  105. 6.18.17

    Such a nice dish! Why don’t you give more illustration photos or videos about this dish to show everyone how great these shells are?

  106. 6.5.17
    Nanny Lou Lou said:

    These were super yummy. I made two 8×8 pans full. I had made extra shell in case they split. So I had eight in one pan and nine or ten in another pan. Inside of using bottle sauce, yuck, I made Giada’s marinara sauce. She has two recipes for marinara but it is the same recipe but halved. I made the one that makes a quart. The only I added to her recipe is that I put in a can of Rotel tomatoes , just to kick it up a notch. These were excellent. I froze the other pan for another day. My husband and I had these for dinner with a garden salad and there is lots for leftovers.

  107. 5.31.17
    Samantha said:

    This is an amazing recipe! I’m so glad I stumbled across it! Thank you!

  108. 5.27.17
    Jen said:

    Wow, this looks amazing and making these tomorrow!

  109. 5.14.17
    AT said:

    Made this for mother’s day and it was such a hit! Added cubed/roasted butternut squash on top for more color, and they looked beautiful coming out of the oven. Even the (very) carnivorous males loved them and were satisfied

  110. 3.12.17
    Pam said:

    I made this for Sunday dinner and everyone really liked it. I tripled it and used more garlic, it was amazing. Even my husband, who doesn’t like garlic enjoyed it. I’ll make this agin for sure! Thanks for sharing your recipe

  111. 3.11.17
    Kathy said:

    This is a great recipe. I’m having my “guy’s” vegetarian daughter and her friend over for dinner. The can be served with a side of meat sauce for us and plain sauce for our two guests. No fuss not bother. Thanks!

  112. 3.2.17
    Ariane said:

    Excellent, easy, delicious recipe. Made it exactly as written, except added 1/2 lb ground beef to the cheese mixture (cooked it with the chopped spinach.) Will be a staple of my household!!

  113. 3.1.17
    Brian said:

    I believe I’ve made this for times now. My kids are always excited when I’m making it. A lady in line at the grocery became invious when she saw my ingredients. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you for this family favorite recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  114. 2.20.17
    Anne said:

    This was really great!!! Not only was it one of the most easy recipes I’ve ever made, it tasted how I wanted it too! No cut corners in flavor. Thanks!

  115. 2.3.17
    Nikki said:

    So good!

  116. 1.31.17
    Leslie said:

    Made this last night for dinner… One word, AMAZING!! This will become a regular in our meal rotation.
    I forgot to add the egg, and didn’t notice until I posted this review that it was an ingredient, and substituted the mozzarella for herbed goat cheese. The filling was delicious enough to eat on its own, but nestled into the shells and sauce was pure decadence. Thanks for the recipe Laura!

  117. 1.27.17
    Divya said:

    Hi Laura,
    I am having guests for dinner tomorrow night. Plan to make this dish, looks delicious. But I do not want the egg, can I use cream cheese as a binder instead? Is it ok to bake cream cheese for that long? Or is it better to just leave out the egg and proceed with the recipe? If so, for how long should I bake? Thanks much

    • 1.28.17
      Laura said:

      Hi Divya! I think you could cream cheese or just omit the egg. I’d bake at the regular time and temp. The texture will change a little bit, but should still be yummy. Hope that helps!!

  118. 1.25.17
    Audrey P said:

    Have made this twice now and followed the receipe as listed except omitted Parmesan (kids don’t like). Turned out great both times. Will definitely be making these again and again.

  119. 1.21.17
    Greg said:

    Very tasty!! Used the ingredients as listed but winged the measurements. Only thing I did different was to sprinkle mozzarella and parmigiano on the top with some fresh basil. Will make again for sure.

  120. 12.29.16
    Janki said:

    amazing!! added an indian kick to it by adding jalapeno and my mom said shes so proud of what i created!! <3

  121. 12.13.16
    Valarie said:

    This recipe was fantastic. I followed it exactly (except for the basil I used 1 tsp dried and used shredded Italiano instead of just mozzarella). I used Presidents Choice sweet basil pasta sauce and it was perfect. Everyone who ate it raved, I even took some to my coworkers who all want the recipe! Thanks, this will be made again and again!

    • 12.17.16
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Valarie!! So happy to hear that ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. 12.11.16
    Suzanne said:

    Made this for a Christmas party last night. People raved about how delicious it was. Thank you for a wonderful recipe!!
    5 Stars!!! (Website won’t let me pick 5, so I am doing it here.)

    • 12.17.16
      Laura said:

      Oh I’m so happy to hear that, Suzanne! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!

  123. 12.2.16
    Wil said:

    I am a man therefore lazy/looking for simplified processes. I use a piping bag or a large heavy duty Ziploc with the corner cut off to put the stuffing into the shells. It works and saves time.

  124. 11.13.16
    Adrienne said:

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I made this for dinner tonight and I had to stop and leave a review. This dish was just absolutely amazing! I substituted the marinara sauce with meat sauce I had from spaghetti I made last night and it was unbelievably incredible! Thank you, Laura—this recipe is now officially in my rotation.

    • 11.13.16
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Adrienne! You made my night ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. 10.9.16
    Helen said:

    I’m really going to make this . looks so good .

    • 10.10.16
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Helen! Hope you enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. 9.23.16
    Steffanie said:

    All of my kids loved this meal!!

  127. 8.2.16
    steph said:

    Great recipe โ€” I have made it many times. Works with frozen spinach too. As others have said, this freezes incredibly well. Thanks!

    • 8.7.16
      Nancy Kane said:

      I am hoping to make this tonight but I have one question please. I have never attempted to cook pasta in the oven??? In the past I would boil my shells to al dante but never heard of cooking them in the oven. Could you elaborate on this for me please. Thanks!!

      • 8.7.16
        Laura said:

        Hi Nancy! You’ll still cook the pasta shells al dente (in step one), then stuff them with the filling, cover with sauce, and bake until the cheese is melted and the shells are cooked through. Hope that answers your question! Enjoy!

  128. 7.8.16
    Taylor said:

    FABULOUS recipe. This is a winner– and freezes SO well. I had leftovers so wrapped them in tinfoil and put in freezer. I did this 5 months ago and just took some out yesterday to have for dinner. Just as fabulous 5 months later!

    • 7.17.16
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Taylor!! So glad you enjoyed it!

    • 8.11.16
      Amanda said:

      Freezing was my question! How do you reheat? This looks delish!

      • 9.18.16
        Gabrielle said:

        I’m with Amanda. How do you reheat this?

        • 9.27.16
          Laura said:

          Hi, Gabrielle! You can reheat the shells in the oven two ways. If you’re freezing leftovers or the premade dish (with the sauce), simply cover with foil and bake at 375. The shells will defrost while they bake, which will take a little bit longer than the regular recipe (somewhere in the 30-40 minute range), before uncovering and baking an additional 10-15 minutes. You can also fill the shells and freeze them before adding the sauce/cheese, which makes them a little more flexible for different sized portions. Just add them (frozen or slightly defrosted) to a baking dish, add sauce, and bake. Hope that helps!!

  129. 5.21.16
    bethany said:

    Very good. thanks!

  130. 5.4.16
    Beth said:

    If the finished product tastes as good as the filling does, this is sure to be a winner tonight! Definitely a step up and above the traditional stuffed shell recipe!

    • 5.4.16
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Beth! Hope you enjoy the finished dish!!

  131. 5.4.16
    Gabby said:


  132. 4.20.16
    Elizabeth said:

    Hi Laura – I’m having a neighborhood party in a few weeks. I made your shells tonite for my husband and myself as a test run. Fabulous!!! Your shells will be front and center on Derby Day.
    Thanks for sharing it with us

  133. 4.4.16
    Alexandra said:

    Hi! Came across this recipe on Pinterest and I have to say this is an AMAZING dish! I made it tonight for dinner and my husband and I both absolutely loved it. I will be making this many more times and plan to pass it along to my sister. I do have one question though: What is a good side dish to go along with these shells? Thanks!

    • 4.7.16
      Laura said:

      Hi Alexandra! Thanks so much! I usually pair these shells with a big green salad, with whatever fresh veggies I have on hand to throw in. Lately, we’ve been loving a baby spinach/cucumber/feta/kalamata olive combo.

  134. 3.22.16
    karen said:

    Just made it. Very good. I am interested to see how the 11 year old likes it and if husband notices no meat. ๐Ÿ™‚

  135. 3.21.16
    Janice said:

    I can’t read any comments, so I don’t know if this has been asked, but how do you think frozen spinach would work? Thanks!

    • 4.30.16
      eve woldt said:

      It would probably work fine, but I bet fresh spinach would taste better!

  136. 3.10.16
    Jess said:

    Easy and outstandingly delicious! We will most definitely be repeating this recipe!

    PS the boyfriend didn’t even know there was spinach in there…

    • 3.15.16
      Laura said:

      So happy to hear that, Jess!

  137. 2.9.16
    Anna L said:

    Mine took a little longer to bake uncovered, I had to use a covered glass dish because I was out of foil. Still turned out great, will make again.

  138. 2.4.16
    Lilian Pillow said:

    So easy and yet so good. Ill keep doing it.Thks for this gorgeous receipe.

  139. 1.28.16
    valentina said:

    Super easy, they’re in the oven right now! Hope they come out good as they look!!

    • 1.30.16
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Valentina! Hope they came out great!

  140. 1.27.16
    Debra said:

    Hi there!

    Could you substitute the spinach for kale and mushroom instead?

    • 1.27.16
      Laura said:

      Hi Debra! Absolutely – you may just need to adjust the cooking time.

  141. 11.19.15
    Martin said:

    Wow! Fairly easy recipe but looks amazing. Will have to cook it for my wife, she loves pasta

    • 11.19.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Martin! Hope you and your wife enjoy!

  142. 10.27.15
    Anastasia said:

    Amazing!! I didn’t have mozzarella so used cheddar, still incredible! will absolutely make again. Will test out freezing them, cuz that would be a fabulous mid week, no time to cook dinner!!!

    • 10.31.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Anastasia! So glad you enjoyed these!

  143. 10.27.15
    Brittani said:

    At what temp do you cook it at? And if I don’t want the other things just the ricotta cheese do I need to use egg? or can I just use the cheese and it’ll come out normal?

    • 10.31.15
      Laura said:

      Hi, Brittani – You bake these at 375 degrees F. (see recipe directions above). The egg functions as a binder, to solidify and hold the filling together in the shells, but I’m not sure how good these would taste with just ricotta and none of the other filling ingredients…

    • 5.24.16
      Guiana Modesto said:

      Brittani- the traditional stuff shells recipe calls for just ricotta the egg will add the flavor and bake it properly through. If no egg is used you will taste a difference and may need to cook it longer.

  144. 9.22.15
    Tiara said:

    I made these last night and they are delicious! Thank you for the recipe, very simple and not too overwhelming for a weeknight family dinner.

    • 9.23.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Tiara! So glad you enjoyed my recipe!

  145. 9.10.15
    crystal said:

    can you substitute cottage cheese for the riccotta?

    • 9.10.15
      Laura said:

      Hi Crystal! I haven’t tried that before so I’m not sure… Maybe? I’d be curious to know how it turns out if you try!

      • 1.17.16
        Kathleen said:

        Just tried the recipe with 1.5 cups of 1% cottage cheese instead of the ricotta and it turned out great!

        Awesome recipe Laura, perfect for a college student to make and keep in the fridge!

        • 1.20.16
          Laura said:

          Thanks, Kathleen! So glad you enjoyed these! (And good to know about the substitution!)

  146. 8.23.15
    Jackie said:

    Made these tonight and they were awesome!!! Great recipe, thanks for sharing… My family love it..

  147. 8.11.15
    Kathy said:

  148. 7.23.15
    Colleen said:

    I just wrote a comment, and it looks like it didn’t go through, so I’m trying this again! I made this recipe about two months ago, and everyone loved it!! It was so good that I want to make the recipe again, and this time I’d like to add some sausage to some of the shells. Does anyone have any recommendations on adding sausage? I want to use a healthier type like chicken sausage. I never cook with sausage. I’m thinking of cooking it in a pan with a little onion before adding it to the mixture. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for your help!

    • 3.28.16
      Shea said:

      Hi Colleen – I’m wondering if you ever ended up making these with sausage? If so, would you mind letting me know if you needed to adjust the cook time, etc?? Thanks!

  149. 7.23.15
    Colleen said:

    I made this recipe, and it was absolutely delicious! I plan on making these again and would like to add sausage to some of the shells for people who want a little meat in the stuffed pasta shell. Does anyone have any recommendations on doing this? I’m thinking of getting a healthier type of sausage such as chicken sausage. Some come precooked. I think that I may cook it up with a little bit of onion in a pan first of all. I’m open to any ideas to adding sausage … but not too much since I like this dish the way it is! Many thanks for the tasty recipe!

  150. 7.20.15
    Donna S. said:

    Made this for dinner tonight….
    Very good…big hit

    Thank you

  151. 7.20.15
    Lalania said:

    My 11 year old son made this for us last night and it was a huge hit. The whole family loved these! Can’t wait to enjoy the leftovers.

  152. 7.6.15
    Kim said:

    I am making this for a party Saturday night. I will have two trays on the sternos and of course I’m afraid of it drying out. Trying to figure out the best time to make this.

    Do I make it now and freeze it until Saturday morning then bake? If I do, do I freeze it in the pan with the sauce?
    Do I stuff all the shells the night before (don’t put sauce on yet) and cook morning of the party?
    Do I not make it at all until the morning or very early afternoon of the party?

    I need to transport it and heat it back up on the sternos for a 7pm party and we plan on leaving the house around 3PM. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

  153. 5.26.15
    Maryam said:

    I made it last night and we all loved it! Thank you so much for posting it.

    • 5.26.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Maryam! So glad you all loved the dish!

  154. 5.13.15
    Laura Thorstenson said:

    Great recipe. So glad I somehow found it, so delicious and so easy to make. Thank you so much for posting it!

    • 5.13.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Laura! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  155. 4.22.15
    Elizabeth Woodward said:

    These are so delicious! We have picky eaters in our family and this recipe has made it into the rotation. That says A LOT! Thank you so much for a happy vegetarian meal (with spinach, even) that everyone enjoys.

    • 4.22.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I’m so glad to hear you and the family love these as much as we do!

  156. 4.21.15
    Gwyn said:

    So, so good. I make these once a week now. It’s just my husband and me, so it’s two days of dinners for us and actually tastes better the second day.

    • 4.21.15
      Laura said:

      Thank you so much, Gwyn! I’m so glad you and your husband are enjoying them as much as we do! And I agree, sometimes pasta is a little better the next day, all melded together ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. 4.13.15
    Ann said:

    Very good. The spinach really makes a difference. My family loved it.

  158. 3.17.15
    Cassandra said:

    I’ve made these numerous times since I first found the recipe on Pinterest a while back. Easy and delicious! Finally now just checking out this website and very excited to try a bunch of the other recipes out!

  159. 2.20.15
    Joanne said:

    A little confused, in the picture it’s in an 8×8 dish with 9 shells but the recipe says to use 16 shells. I think the recipe would be better suited to a 9×13 dish.

    • 10.3.15
      Daisy said:

      I didn’t read the full recipe before I started and only had a 9×13 dish on hand and it was packed with shells (and a little left over). Great recipe though!

      • 10.5.15
        Laura said:

        Thanks, Daisy! Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  160. 2.19.15
    Julie said:

    I don’t usually comment on things like this, but I just had to mention that these were amazing! My fiance and I made them on Valentine’s Day after making a different version of stuffed shells a few months ago that were a complete disaster. We loved the fresh basil in these. Thanks for the recipe!

    • 3.4.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks so much for letting me know, Julie! I’m so glad you and your fiance loved them as much as we do!!

  161. 2.9.15
    Rachel said:

    I made this a few nights ago! It was perfect. My boyfriend asked if we could include this in our regular rotation. Awesome, and easy!

    • 2.11.15
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Rachel! So glad you and your boyfriend enjoyed!

  162. 1.12.15
    Zoila said:

    Amazing recipe just made that for my Family they love it and I will be making it again. Love love love it

  163. 1.11.15
    Jennifer said:

    I am loving your blog! I just discovered it the other week and have already tried the stuffed shells and banana chocolate muffins-both fantastic!

    Keep the recipes coming, they’re wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 1.11.15
      Laura said:

      Thank you so much, Jennifer!!

  164. 12.21.14
    Tammy said:

    Is this really supposed to be made in an 8×8? I’ve been looking at other recipes for Stuffed Shells that use the jumbo pasta shells and they mostly say to use a 13 x 9. I am definitely making YOUR recipe (making 2 trays – one to take on Christmas, and one to freeze for a couple of days later!).

  165. 12.11.14
    tina said:

    I don’t have fresh spinach, can I use frozen spinach?

    • 12.12.14
      Laura said:

      Yes, just be sure that the spinach is defrosted and drained. Hope you enjoy!

  166. 11.8.14
    Samantha said:

    What is the calorie break down for this?

  167. 10.15.14
    Elena said:

    This recipe is absolutely delicious. I made it ahead of time and put it in the freezer. All I had to do was throw it in the oven! I love the combination of flavors of the spinach and cheese. I made this for my boyfriend and he loved it. Thanks for the great recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

    • 10.16.14
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Elena! So glad you loved the recipe as much as we do!

      • 11.5.14
        Samantha said:

        Can you put this in the refrige and cook at a later time in the day? Temp of oven and how long to cook it then?

        • 11.5.14
          Laura said:

          Hi, Samantha! Absolutely, you can make this even the day before. It will bake at the same temperature, but might take a bit longer to cook. Some of this depends on the baking dish, but maybe 10-15 minutes more.

  168. 10.15.14
    Jeanne said:

    Does this freeze well? I’m expecting international guests and I’m trying to prepare several meals ahead so I won’t have to be in the kitchen most of the time while they are here.

    • 10.16.14
      Laura said:

      Hi, Jeanne! They do! I’ve had a couple of readers also suggest freezing the pre-made shells individually or in small batches for more flexibility on serving size.

  169. 10.9.14
    Amber said:

    These were delicious! My whole family enjoyed them, including my 3 year old. Thank you!

    • 10.10.14
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Amber! I’m so glad you and your family loved them!

  170. 10.9.14
    Amber said:

    These were delicious! Even my 3 year old loved them! Thank you!

  171. 9.20.14
    Angela said:

    Your presentation photo is beautiful, but it doesn’t look as though there is any sauce on top of the shells. I’m making this for a birthday celebration, and I’d like my dish to look as lovely as yours, so should I top the shells with sauce, or not? Also, I love the idea of adding spinach into the cheese mixture. I’m very anxious to make this dish. Of course, I’ll serve it with a large tossed Italian-style salad and garlic bread. I’m sure our guests will truly enjoy this meal.

    • 9.21.14
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Angela! It’s important to have at least a light coating of sauce on top of the shells… This keeps the pasta from drying out or burning while they cook. You’re right, there isn’t much on top of the shells in the photo – I wanted the filling to show through – but normally I would use the full amount in the recipe. If you want more of that “look,” try using a thinner pasta sauce rather than a chunky one. Hope that helps, and that you and your guests love the recipe!

  172. 9.19.14
    Judith Markham said:

    Laura I want to use this for my eating light group. Do you have the nutritional value and calories for this dish? How could I make it light?

    • 9.21.14
      Laura said:

      Hi Judith! I am working on adding nutritional info to all FKS recipes, but I’m not quite there yet. Soon! In the meantime, try using whole wheat pasta shells (if you can find them), and light/skim ricotta and mozzarella.

  173. 9.14.14
    Adina said:

    My daughter won’t eat eggs. Do you think I can just increase the ricotta and add a little water? Or should I use egg replacer?

    • 9.15.14
      Laura said:

      Hi Adina,

      Is it that she doesn’t like eggs? Or can’t/is allergic to eggs?

      If she just doesn’t like eggs, I promise you she will never notice. The egg is not there for flavor, but rather as a binder, to keep the cheese together, and you really don’t taste it at all.

      If she is allergic, simply omit the egg and continue with the rest of the recipe – no water needed.

      Hope that helps!

  174. 7.17.14
    Katie said:

    Thank you Laura for the reciepe. I made it for dinner today and it came out amazing. My boyfriend and friends loved it.

    • 7.18.14
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Katie! So glad you all loved the recipe!

  175. 7.12.14

    Sounds wonderful!!! But what do you serve with it?? Salad?? If so what kind??

    • 7.12.14
      Laura said:

      Hi Dorothy! I would definitely serve this with a salad… The stuffed shells are almost a complete meal themselves, but a light salad would be a nice side. Lately I’ve been loving big spinach salads with fresh cherry tomatoes, diced red onion, kalamata olives, cucumber, avocado, pine nuts (or almonds) and a liberal amount of goat cheese (or feta), which has a really fresh, summery/Mediterranean vibe that would be really good with the shells. Honestly though, I think any green salad would be great with this. Let me know what you end up making, and enjoy your dinner party!!

  176. 7.10.14
    steph said:

    Thanks so much for this recipe, it’s one of our favorites now. My boyfriend loves pasta and I usually avoid it, but I actually really like this one and of course so does he. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again!

    • 7.12.14

      Want to service spinach & ricotta stuffed shells for dinner party…but what do I serve with it?? If a salad,,,what kind of salad?? HELP!!

  177. 4.7.14
    Chris said:

    Will attempt my first ravioli/pierogi with homemade pasta tonight and was looking for a spinach ricotta filling and I will try this one. The shells look extremely tempting, but I really must try my own pasta first!

    • 4.7.14
      Chris said:

      I don’t understand the following: “The spinach should be reduced by half.” The amount? Wy waste 2 cups of spinach? Not sure what to do…

      • 4.7.14
        Laura said:

        No, no! Don’t throw away the spinach! What that means is that the spinach will cook down considerably, reducing the overall volume of spinach by about half (as much of the natural water in the spinach cooks away.) You’ll end up using the full amount you start with… Hope that helps!

      • 4.12.14
        Emily said:

        It means that after you cook the spinach, the amount will be reduced by a half.

      • 6.21.14
        Angela said:

        She just means that you should wait to remove the spinach from the heat until the size of the original amount of spinach is half the size of when you started cooking it- that’s when you know it’s done. It’s size is reduced by half. ๐Ÿ™‚

  178. 4.6.14
    Stevi said:

    All I can say is ‘YUM!” I found this recipe on Pinterest and my husband and I absolutely loved it! We made it two weeks in a row! Really flavourful and filling, yet still light. Definitely a new favorite so thank you!

  179. 3.31.14
    Kelly said:

    A friend made this for me after I had my third baby, it was SO delicious that it’s now my go-to when bringing people food or cooking for others! Making it today for my bookclub! This recipe is a total home run!

    • 4.5.14

      This was fantastic. Thank you I looked like I have been cooking for years. The wife loved it and I now have lunch tomorrow besides a great dinner tonight . The hardest part was buying the food . Then the anticipation of this bothered me a little, I hate to wait as I am a fast food guy. So glad I made this.
      Great recipe … Thanks

  180. 3.30.14
    Heaven said:

    Hello, this sounds like a lovely recipe! I dont have much cooking experience because I’m still young, only sixteen and I’m trying to find new and cheap recipes. I’m definitely going to try this one, but what would you recommend on the side? Green beans, sala, carrots?

    • 3.30.14
      Heaven said:

      *salad, not sala.

    • 4.1.14
      Kim Dachtler said:

      Salad and garlic bread or bread sticks ~

  181. 3.4.14
    Deborah said:

    I made these for a tough crowd on New Year’s Eve this past year for a progressive dinner, the main course being at our home. (Three of my guests were siblings whose father was a professional chef and they’re very opinionated where cuisine is concerned.) I got RAVE reviews on these shells! I had wanted a recipe that would help use the large tub of spinach I frequently buy at Sam’s Club and this recipe was just the ticket. I didn’t have fresh basil in the house so I used dried but otherwise, pretty much followed the recipe as written. It was great to be able to make these up the evening before and we set our oven to come on while we were having appetizers at House #1 on our dinner tour. I am going out of state to care for my elderly parents soon and will be taking the ingredients to WOW my Italian mama and father when I make them dinner. These freeze really, really well so the leftovers will go into their freezer for their caregiver to warm up for them at a later date. Great, easy and delicious recipe! Thanks!!!

  182. 2.12.14
    Timo said:

    Dang, these were awesome! I added cooked crumbled bacon into the cheese mixture and it turned out delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  183. 2.7.14
    Brooke Alexa said:

    Great recipe for one of my favorites growing up!! I used kale in mine instead of spinach and cooked it the same just in a Dutch oven instead of skillet! Very yummy!! And boyfriend loves it!! xoxo

  184. 2.6.14
    jordan said:

    Just made this tonight. So great. We used a little extra ricotta parm and mozz, just because we had it. Unfortunately I burned the fresh garlic so we had to use garlic powder the second go round. Didn’t affect the flavor (that I noticed), still turned out phenomenal! Thanks for my new go to recipe.

  185. 2.4.14
    Carrie Lee said:

    Hi! These look amazing! I cant wait to try the recipe. You said they could be frozen, any idea on heating instructions after being frozen? Thanks so much for sharing!

    • 8.19.14
      Diane said:

      When I make this delicious recipe I always make extra. I put the stuffed shells on a cookie sheet and freeze them. When frozen I put them n a freezer bag and can remove as many as I want when needed without having them all stuck together.

      • 8.21.14
        Laura said:

        Definitely going to start doing this… Thanks, Diane!

  186. 12.27.13
    Dianna said:

    Would it be possible to freeze these for later use?

    • 12.27.13
      Laura said:

      Yes, you can either freeze them prior to baking, or freeze the leftovers.

  187. 12.22.13
    Rachel said:

    Laura, I just found this recipe and amazing photo of your spinach-ricotta stuffed shells. I will be making these for our Italian Christmas Eve celebration at my parents house on Tuesday. Thank you so much for posting and I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  188. 12.21.13
    Anxhela said:

    Thank you for your recipe!!!!!!!! It was as good as it looked. My family loved it and it reminded me of Olive Garden. I will follow this blog more often. Love it!!!!!

  189. 12.11.13
    M said:

    I would like to add ground turkey to this… can I add it into the cheese mixture without ruining them? Or would I need to just add it to the marinara sauce?

    • 12.14.13
      Laura said:

      I think you could absolutely add it to the cheese/spinach mixture – just make sure the meat is cooked before you stuff the shells (I’m not sure it would cook fully otherwise). Let me know how it turns out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  190. 12.2.13

    Our frozen spinach was freezer burned, so we just subbed in cottage cheese. And extra ricotta. Oh, and I had to use cheddar … but it was still delicious!

  191. 11.20.13
    Lauren said:

    I found this recipe through a search engine last night while at the grocery store and found the photo to be so beautful I just had to try it. Turns out it tasted even better! Everyone went back for thirds! Although your recipe was perfect on its own, I tend to add things and change things up (slightly) while I’m in the middle of cooking. I ended up adding almost the entire bag of spinach (about 3/4 of a large bag), I added about 6 or 7 basil leaves (I grow it fresh from my garden and cut too much and it smelt too wonderful to waste), I also added a tiny pinch of nutmeg and a little granulated garlic to the filling mixture (didn’t think I used enough fresh garlic when I cooked it with the spinach). Once it was ready to go in the oven I also “sprinkled” more of the mozzarella cheese on top of the shells before covering with the tin foil (couldn’t resist). All-in-all it was absolutely the best stuffed shells I, or my family, have ever had! So glad I found it online and it will be a family recipe for life! Thanks for sharing!

  192. 11.11.13
    Ted said:

    I have a problem with judgment calls like”packed”, greatly preferring an objective measure like grams or pounds/ounces. Can anyone help with the spinach amount?

    • 11.11.13
      Laura said:

      Hi Ted, I’m sorry you found the measurement confusing. I’ve never weighed the spinach for this recipe… I use the term “packed” here to describe full cups of spinach, that have been gently pressed down to reduce the air space between the leaves. In all honesty, this recipe has a lot of wiggle room to it, and using slightly more or less spinach won’t make a huge difference. I hope that helps at least a little bit!

  193. 11.10.13
    Lorna said:

    I made this today and really enjoyed it. Rather then using jarred marinara sauce I made it from scratch which I think made the recipe even better. I like the way this recipe will allow me to play around experiment. Thanks for the recipe.

    • 11.11.13
      Laura said:

      Hi Lorna, I bet it was great with the homemade marinara sauce! That makes any dish even better. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and played around with the recipe!

  194. 11.8.13
    Tami said:

    Thanks for the recipe!! Can’t wait to try!

  195. 10.19.13
    Nora Winchell said:

    I tried these stuffed shells tonight and they were amazing!

    • 10.20.13
      Laura said:

      Thank you, Nora! So glad you enjoyed them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  196. 10.6.13
    Joe said:

    They were terrific!….I made them with frozen spinach, boiled then drained really well before putting them in the cooled down oil.

    • 10.9.13
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Joe! I’m so glad you liked them!

  197. 10.4.13
    Sarah said:

    has anyone cooked this from frozen before? I’m assuming you could freeze it right before you would put it in the oven, but just wondering how much longer it would take in the oven if baked from frozen. thanks!

    • 12.28.15
      Cindy said:

      Yes I have and they turn out wonderfully. Just freeze the shells with the filling and then add the sauce when you are ready to bake. I always have s dozen frozen for a quick meal. Just adjust your cooking time like you would for a frozen lasagna.

      • 1.1.16
        Laura said:

        Thanks for your advice, Cindy!!

  198. 10.2.13
    Jamie said:

    I added ground meat to these- ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

    • 10.3.13
      Laura said:

      I’m glad you like these!

  199. 8.8.13
    Gloria said:

    stuff shells with spinach.

  200. 7.13.13
    HaleyAnneHunt@gmail.com said:

    I can’t wait to make this – how much do you think would be lost by using frozen spinach? (That’s almost a cooking crime but if I’m not sacrificing too much of the dish, the time/space/cost savings might be worth it)

    • 7.15.13
      Laura said:

      Don’t worry about using frozen spinach. I don’t think too much will be lost and it’s definitely more convenient! Just make sure to defrost the spinach first and drain the extra water before you add it to the cheese mixture. Let me know how it turns out! ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. 5.13.13

    Yum looks amazing. Spinach and Ricotta are a match made in heaven!

    • 5.14.13
      Laura said:

      Thanks, Brooke! It’s one of our favorites…

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