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Happy Winter Solstice! I cannot wait for it to start getting dark later than three in the afternoon. There’s still a bit of December to savor, with all the glorious holiday madness that comes with it, but I also can’t help but look towards the new year. I used to occasionally do some weekend links posts, which over time fell by the wayside, and I’m bringing them back, for a new Sunday thing. The timing feels right. Gotta get my internet spoils.

The first story  instantly drew me in. What follows is a fascinating and heartbreaking in-depth, investigative four-part series into the conditions at some of Mexico’s mega-farms. It’s a sobering look at the lives of the people who pick our produce, and definitely worth a read.

I seriously look forward to this guide every year.

So, Serial ended. I’m not sure how I feel about the ending – certainly not satisfied, but at least there’s still this gem. Spot on.

These brie, cranberry and pancetta bites. It’s happening.

Know the difference between a presidential order and presidential memorandum? Neither did I…

While most of us were busy Christmas shopping, American troops engaged with ISIS fighters in Iraq for the first time. No boots on the ground though, they’re wearing sneakers. For sneaking.

Downton Abbey + Clooney. My life is now complete.

You’ve still got a few more hours to get in on this serious chocolate giveaway!

I plan to do nothing but eat cookies and drink hot cocoa for the next week. Things may even get real fancy with some homemade spiked marshmallows.

Happy Sunday and Merry (almost) Christmas!