Sunday Swoon: Weekly roundup of recipes and links from around the web, via

Happy weekend, friends! The hubby left this week for a month-long work trip, and I’m holding down the fort with the pup, finding lots of excuses already to bust into my dark chocolate stash (see above) and leftover honey cornbread muffins, while catching up on Netflix guilty pleasures and going on an organizing tear through the house, konmari style.

Thinking about a social media cleanse. Could you give yourself a serious break?

The standoff in Oregon mostly wrapped up this week, and Ammon Bundy even got his very own Voodoo Donut.

How do you feel about coconut curry + chocolate?

It’s soup season! And I could eat this white bean soup

Loving the sound of the cashew chipotle sauce + these black bean burrito bowls.

And this fresh (zucchini noodle) twist on pasta with clam sauce.

I learned to love banana pudding in the South, and this version sounds like perfection.

On my list this week: homemade honey graham crackers.

and these tender slow cooker Korean short ribs.

Craving this savory cabernet-braised short rib cobbler like nobody’s business.

Currently obsessed with all things blood orange, and looking forward to trying this coconut blood orange lassi with cardamom.

Chocolate-rose love bark!

Have you ever baked with tigernut flour? These bittersweet tigernut brownies are calling my name…

Always love a peek behind the scenes: braised lentils + writing a cookbook.

Chocolate peanut butter cheesecake on a snow day? Or, every day…

Wish I had woken up to this beautifully golden almond crusted French toast

Or these passionfruit curd donuts. So pretty!