A Gourmet Chocolate Giveaway! (Closed)

A Gourmet Chocolate Bar Giveaway for the Holidays! via forkknifeswoon.com

The other day, while getting lost once again in the gourmet chocolate section of Whole Foods, I remembered back to last year around this time, when we did a little chocolate bar giveaway. Given my love affair with all things chocolate – and the number of fancy chocolate bars I held clutched in my arms – it seemed natural that we should make it a holiday tradition.

Because I adore you, I really do, and this is a very tiny way for me to say thank you, for reading, for cooking and baking along with me, and allowing me to have my dream job through this little space on the internet. It gives me all the feels.

So I picked out a collection of gourmet chocolate bars from some of my favorite brands in a variety of flavors. There’s quite a few festive holiday/wintry flavors in the mix, as well as just some really great pure baking chocolate. The giveaway includes sixteen chocolate bars total:

Peppermint Stick dark chocolate
Ginger dark chocolate
Milk chocolate with spiced cookies
Orange peel in dark chocolate
Hazelnuts in milk chocolate
Pure 85% dark chocolate
Almond butter créme-filled dark chocolate
Dark chocolate with cranberries & hazelnuts
Extra-Strong dark chocolate
White chocolate with strawberries
Gingerbread Spice milk chocolate
Dark chocolate with ginger & orange
Peanut butter dark chocolate truffle bar
Pure 70% dark chocolate
Peppermint dark chocolate
Nutcracker Brittle dark chocolate

I’ll wrap them up and send a package off to one lucky winner, which should (hopefully) arrive in time for Christmas!

To enter, just tell me your all-time favorite type of chocolate in the comments below!

The details: Chocolate giveaway open to all readers with a U.S. mailing address. Giveaway ends Friday, December 18, 2015 at 11:59pm PST. One winner will be chosen at random and announced on this post, as well as notified by email. If the winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Barbara (who loves Theo s’mores)! Thank you so much to EVERYONE who entered. I absolutely loved hearing all about your favorite chocolates, and can’t wait to try a few new brands! The winner will be contacted shortly via email.

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  1. 12.18.15
    Anna said:

    See’s Candies Scothmallow

  2. 12.18.15
    Barbara said:

    Theo’s version of s’mores are the best! Marshmellow, graham crackers & their chocolate poured over the whole thing, yumo! Best of all I live close to their factory so can go take the tour & receive lots of chocolate samples. It’s the best!!!

  3. 12.18.15
    Alexandra Robertson said:

    My all time favorite chocolate is a dark chocolate raspberry chipotle truffle.

  4. 12.17.15
    Kristin Marks said:

    I love a good ole’ Toblerone! They just taste of the holidays for some reason.

    Did I mention what an amazing giveaway this is?! #chocolatefordays

  5. 12.17.15
    elissa said:

    dark with orange!

  6. 12.17.15
    Robin said:

    I love chocolate from Joel Durand in St. Remy de Provence in France. I spent 5 weeks in Provence in Dec 2013. I made a trip to this city just to get their chocolate. Luckily it can be ordered online. Unluckily for me my husband hasn’t taken the hint.

  7. 12.16.15
    Dorothea said:

    Dark chocolate covered marzipan is my most favorite!

  8. 12.16.15
    Marla said:

    Theo salted almond. Yum!!

  9. 12.16.15
    amanda said:

    dark chocolate caramels with sea salt!

  10. 12.16.15
    Meagan said:

    My mom’s family chocolate fudge recipe, always better than store-bought, even Kilwins

  11. 12.16.15
    meredith said:

    I love dark chocolate with fruit!

  12. 12.16.15
    Meg Hobbs said:

    Dark chocolate with cashews. A match made in heaven.

  13. 12.16.15
    Emilie said:

    Dark chocolate with sea salt-it can’t be beat!

  14. 12.16.15
    Mary-Frances Krak said:

    Sees dark chocolate mix. My special treat.

  15. 12.15.15

    Dark chocolate covered with cashews and almonds with a mixture of caramel swirl will make my day 🙂

  16. 12.15.15
    Carol Terry said:

    Dark with almonds.

  17. 12.15.15
    Jennifer said:

    My all time favorite chocolate holds special memories of when my daughters were born….Dove truffle Eggs…which sadly don’t appear to be made anymore. I ate my weight in these goodies the two Spring seasons after eating healthily for 9 months while carrying my now, college-age daughters! While I’ve enjoyed quite a variety of chocolate before and after those years, Dove truffle eggs will always remain my all time favorite.

  18. 12.15.15
    Sharon said:

    Salted dark chocolate with nuts is a favorite.

  19. 12.15.15
    Eric said:

    Dark chocolate all the way! lol

  20. 12.15.15
    Debbie said:

    Valrhona Dark 72% !

  21. 12.15.15

    Anything dark chocolate gets me — it’s my favorite. I love it with peanut butter, raspberry, hazelnuts, whatever!

  22. 12.15.15
    Laura said:

    Oooh – It’s a close tie between Lindt Dark Touch of Sea Salt and Ghiradelli Salted Caramel Dark Chocolate squares.

  23. 12.15.15
    Kathy Eyre said:

    Mexican chile chocolate

  24. 12.15.15
    Mariam said:

    OMG! The selection is amazing! I love anything chocolaty with caramel in it. And my hubby is all into nuts, almonds and dark chocolate. It will be a feast at our home should I win this prize 🙂

  25. 12.15.15
    Doris said:

    I love me some good ol’ milk chocolate. Oh, please, pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  26. 12.15.15
    Debbie G said:

    Love to mix milk & dark chocolate in my cookies…always use the best type available. For just chocolate candy I love See’s.

  27. 12.15.15
    Carmen Carlton said:

    I’ll always go for the dark chocolate! A special place for Ghiradelli’s bittersweet chocolate chips to sneak to snack on.

  28. 12.15.15
    Marion said:

    Chocolove’s Dark Chocolate with Orange Peel! Absolutely divine!! Although I will say there isn’t any chocolate out there that I would pass up!!

  29. 12.15.15
    Janet T said:

    I love dark chocolate, I am less than 2 feet away from chocolate at anytime, day or night.

  30. 12.15.15
    Sydney said:

    I love any kind of chocolate

  31. 12.15.15
    David said:

    My favorite is milk chocolate. I especially like it with caramel, e3ven more so than I like it with peanut butter.

  32. 12.15.15
    Patte said:

    When I was a young girl my father used to take me for a Sunday afternoon adventure which always included chocolate. And so began my life long affair with this food group!

  33. 12.15.15
    Saya M said:

    Hm…right now it’s peppermint bark!

  34. 12.15.15
    Lisa said:

    Any chocolate from Sarris Candies in Canonsbugh PA!

  35. 12.15.15
    Denise M said:

    I love a piece of good dark chocolate- about 75% range is perfect

  36. 12.15.15
    Ellie said:

    Made in Nevada Tahoe Toffee is the very best!

  37. 12.15.15
    Susan Broughton said:

    I like really dark chocolate like 85%

  38. 12.15.15
    Maria said:

    Really hard to pick a favorite since I am a chocolate FIEND, haha, but holiday favorites are always Ferrero Rochers (chocolate and hazelnuts, I mean – how can you NOT love them?) and the Mozart chocolates (chocolate-covered marzipan!!). Your selections all sound equally incredible! Thanks for doing this 🙂

  39. 12.15.15
    Lou W said:

    Dark chocolate truffles covered in cocoa powder

  40. 12.15.15
    Becky said:

    Dark chocolate!

  41. 12.15.15
    Deanna said:

    Dark Chocolate with sea salt.

  42. 12.15.15
    Lury said:

    Dark chocolate!

  43. 12.15.15
    Lynn said:

    I love anything dark chocolate, and if there are nuts involved, even better. My new favorite thing is shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate. Too die for.

  44. 12.15.15
    Jan said:

    I love milk chocolate filled with caramel and topped with a touch of sea salt

  45. 12.15.15
    Jan said:

    I love milk chocolate filled with caramel and topped with sea salt

  46. 12.15.15
    Pete Mathis said:

    Strong salted dark chocolate for me!

  47. 12.15.15

    sea salt in milk chocolate! Salty and sweet 🙂

  48. 12.15.15
    Elis B. said:

    Hazelnuts in milk chocolate

  49. 12.15.15
    Dawn said:

    I love chocolate, especially dark. I have a piece (maybe two) each day after a meal. It actually helps me to stay in check with my sweet tooth because I know I can have a piece tomorrow. I always have a bowl of Dove dark chocolate in house BUT my favorite is from a chocolatier in town call Gail Ambrouis. On special occasions I treat myself to a box. They are kinda pricey so I really limit myself, one per day! When I saw your giveaway how could I not enter!!!! I LOVE CHOCOLATE 🙂

  50. 12.15.15
    Heather S said:

    Hands down it’s Honey Mama’s CocoNoNut Cacao-Nectar chocolate bar….A-MAZING.

  51. 12.15.15
    Gina Guthrie said:

    dark chocolate.

  52. 12.15.15
    Chelsea F. said:

    I love all chocolate and peanut butter, all these flavors sound amazing!

  53. 12.15.15
    Suzanne Lierz said:

    Trader Joes big bars!

  54. 12.15.15
    Tammy moro said:

    My favorite is anything dark but I really like Godiva and Perugina.

  55. 12.15.15
    Rachel said:

    My all time fave is Ghirardelli’s Cabernet Matinee… yum!

  56. 12.15.15
    Patty B said:

    I love anything that tastes of brown sugar (or peanut butter!), so my favorite chocolate is See’s Butterscotch Squares. I’m more of a milk chocolate person, but dark is good when berries or brittle are added to sweeten it up a little.

  57. 12.15.15
    Justine said:

    dark chocolate covered ginger! the best!

  58. 12.15.15
    Justine said:

    dark chocolate covered ginger! it’s the best!

  59. 12.15.15
    Shari Tranatas said:

    I love all kinds of chocolate….not a huge fan of coconut, but if it’s covered in chocolate – I”m all in!
    Godiva chocolate is my favorite. Fruit creams, chocolate mint, caramel, salted caramel…I prefer dark, but will gladly enjoy any chocolate offered! I would say I’m a certified chocoholic!

  60. 12.15.15
    Sandra King said:

    my all time favorite chocolate is just plain milk chocolate, no distractions or enhancements

  61. 12.15.15
    Karen said:

    Peppermint Dark Chocolate
    So says Christmas

  62. 12.15.15
    Sarah KC said:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite… but I’d have to say dark chocolate with almonds. Delicious!

  63. 12.15.15
    Maureen Deeley said:

    Dark chocolate covered orange and raspberry – and for old time sake, a Chunky Bar grabbed at the supermarket checkout!!

  64. 12.15.15
    Merle said:

    I love dark chocolate

  65. 12.15.15
    Pre said:

    Eating it plain, with fruit, pretzels, etc I typically get the Theo 70% Dark Chocolate bars – it is organic and soy-free! I will sometimes get the 85% for baking/cooking.

    This collection you’ve selected looks awesome and I’d love to share it with my family.

  66. 12.15.15
    Rachel Levinson-Waldman said:

    Endangered Species dark chocolate with mint – yum!

  67. 12.15.15

    I am never picky when it comes to chocolate. I must have a piece of chocolate each day to set my mood. I love my chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, but enjoy white chocolate & rich chocolate, salty chocolate. I enjoy & love them all

  68. 12.15.15
    Rachel Bradford said:

    Dark Chocolate – with caramel center and sea salt on top

  69. 12.15.15
    Gen said:

    I love really dark chocolate in all kinds of flavors. I’m sure my all time favorite might just be plain 70%+ dark chocolate 😛

  70. 12.15.15
    Sarah C said:

    The darkest of chocolates with sea salt flakes in/on it. Theo makes an AMAZING one.

  71. 12.15.15
    Lia said:

    Recchiuti Fleur de Sel Caramels!

  72. 12.15.15
    Susan said:

    Milk chocolate. Yum.

  73. 12.15.15
    Liz said:

    I love all chocolate in any color dark or white.

  74. 12.15.15
    Alison H. said:

    My favorite chocolate is dark chocolate!

  75. 12.15.15
    Christy Qualin said:

    Theo Sea Salt & Almond 70% is my current favorite! What an awesome giveaway!

  76. 12.15.15
    Lydia said:

    Chocolate is an infatuation. It is a fickle decision, which changes moment to moment. Kind of like jr high love- depending on the latest kiss to the lips.

  77. 12.15.15
    Caroline said:

    Anything with peanut butter in it, and I’m sold!

  78. 12.15.15
    Laura said:

    Yum!! Any kind of dark chocolate wins in my book!

  79. 12.15.15
    judith said:

    I love chocolate chili chocolate

  80. 12.15.15
    grace said:

    that’s pretty hard. i’m a sucker for white chocolate with a hint of coconut, but some people say white chocolate doesn’t count as chocolate. i think they’re wrong. 🙂

  81. 12.15.15
    LaTanya said:

    I love dark chocolate

  82. 12.15.15
    Colleen said:

    I love dark chocolate with orange!

  83. 12.15.15
    Danielle said:

    I’ll happily eat most any chocolate but my all-time favorite is Taza Salt & Pepper Chocolate.

  84. 12.14.15
    Daniel said:

    Baker’s Chocolate Meltaways

  85. 12.14.15
    Michelle said:

    I have a love for white chocolate!

  86. 12.14.15
    Bianca said:

    anything dark chocolate! but especially dark chocolate covered almonds or espresso beans

  87. 12.14.15
    Laura said:

    Godiva truffles, although really anything creamy and chocolate could be a favorite!

  88. 12.14.15
    Amy said:

    I really love dark chocolate with peppermint or coconut.

  89. 12.14.15
    Sarah N. said:

    I <3 Theo chocolate! My favorite for baking is Valrhona (any and all, but I especially love the crunchy pearls for decoration), and my favorite for eating is Vosges!

  90. 12.14.15
    Marlena said:

    Yum! I am lucky enough to live in walking distance from Gail Ambrosius Choclatier: https://gailambrosius.com/. Her sweet curry with saffron truffle is so amazing. I’m drooling just typing this!

  91. 12.14.15
    Joan said:

    You had me at “Almond butter créme-filled dark chocolate!”

  92. 12.14.15
    cori said:

    I love dark chocolate with coconut flakes inside – I forgot the brand though!

  93. 12.14.15
    Rachel said:

    Chocolate + Mint (e.g. Andes or York Peppermint Patties)

  94. 12.14.15
    Liz said:

    My favorite is seroogy’s milk chocolate meltaways!

  95. 12.14.15
    Lorna said:

    My favorite is chuao firecracker. Chocolate pop rocks in your mouth!

  96. 12.14.15
    Karen said:

    Chuao potato chip chocolate bar is a pretty delish combo

  97. 12.14.15
    Nicholle said:

    Hi! I love 70% dark chocolate, cut into chunks & baked into gooey cookies 🙂

  98. 12.14.15
    Lisa said:

    I’ve been eating Alter Eco’s dark chocolate with coconut toffee…yum!

  99. 12.14.15
    Staci DeShazer said:

    I love Sees candy…their dark chocolate lemon truffles are to die for! And anything with chocolate and toffee in it is my Achilles heel.

  100. 12.14.15
    Staci DeShazer said:

    I love anything from Sees candy, especially their dark chocolate lemon truffles and. Butterscotch squares. Yum!

  101. 12.14.15
    Beth R. said:

    Growing up, I loved white chocolate–the sweeter the better! Now, I prefer dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt. Maybe throw in some chopped nuts or a caramel swirl for god measure.

  102. 12.14.15
    Rachel said:

    mint chocolate is my favorite!

  103. 12.14.15
    ali said:

    dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds!

  104. 12.14.15
    Shoshana said:

    Trader Joe’s dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups are pretty freakin’ awesome!

  105. 12.14.15
    Alissa L said:

    I love Lindt milk chocolate!

  106. 12.14.15
    Sarah said:

    Chocolate covered cashews – heaven! Guilty pleasure: peanut butter cups.

  107. 12.14.15
    Gretchen said:

    It’s quirky but my favorite chocolate is Ghiradelli’s bittersweet chocolate chips. The perfect size for a little snack and not too sweet!

  108. 12.14.15
    Ellie said:

    I love a really dark (70%+) chocolate with sea salt – there’s nothing better!
    xo, Ellie

  109. 12.14.15
    Jenny said:

    Williams Sonoma peppermint bark, hands down. There is simply NOTHING to rival it.

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