Sunday Swoon Tangerines | Fork Knife Swoon @forkknifeswoon

This week has been… sort of a slog, adjusting to new schedules and getting back into the swing of (non-holiday) things.

I made some healing ginger miso soba soup, and loads of fresh, healthy salads, but it took until the weekend hit to really feel reset, both physically and emotionally/creatively-speaking. I’m resolute to be more present in this space in the coming year, and have a whole long list of things I can’t wait to cook with/for you.

Meanwhile… A bit of what I’ve been reading/links I’m loving this week:

Je suis Charlie. Emphatically.

There are big things happening (quietly) in Iraq. Also in Nigeria.

For Simpsons Fans. Then and Now.

The flat white is coming.

Cannot wait for Amy Chaplin’s new cookbook to arrive. The internets have been raving.

These rainbow spring rolls. So pretty.

This winter vegetable chowder. All I want to eat this time of year.

This Thai chopped salad. Loving these flavors.

Homemade spinach pasta. Always worth the effort.

This Magic Mineral Broth. YES.

This banana butterscotch cream tart. Retox for the win.

This roasted cauliflower kale salad.

Venice + winter citrus meringue tarts. Stunning.

Ultimate chicken noodle soup. Making some this afternoon.

Happy Sunday, lovelies!

xo, Laura