On Leaving North Carolina…

Leaving North Carolina | Fork Knife Swoon

Tomorrow we are road-tripping west! The timing of our move came upon us like a nine pound hammer; we had four days from the moment it was official until the movers arrived, and not a lot of time to say goodbye to the town we’ve called home for the last two years.

So on our last night in North Carolina, I thought I’d say a short and sweet farewell with some snapshots of life lately, here in this little part of the country…

Leaving North Carolina | Fork Knife SwoonLeaving North Carolina | Fork Knife SwoonLeaving North Carolina | Fork Knife Swoon


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Minty Vanilla Coconut Iced Coffee | Fork Knife Swoon

Minty Vanilla Coconut Iced Coffee + A Nespresso Giveaway!

It was just after 8 o-clock in the morning, and one of the movers was methodically surveying our kitchen; opening the cabinets and scanning the counters with a stern look on his face. He was quickly discovering that he had drawn the short straw, designated with packing up the kitchen, pantry and my dishware and… 

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Tomato and Watermelon Salad | Fork Knife Swoon

Tomato and Watermelon Salad with Feta and Herbs + An Announcement!

One afternoon, shortly after we moved to North Carolina, I found myself standing in the kitchen, talking the ear off of a friendly pest control technician, who made the mistake of asking me about cooking. The conversation wound its way around to southern food, and then of course, to barbecue. I bemoaned the lack of… 

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Cherry Berry Swirl Frozen Yogurt | Fork Knife Swoon

Berry Swirled Cherry Frozen Yogurt

Madness goes something like this: It’s after seven. The thermometer in the kitchen window still hovers over a hundred degrees. I’ve been peeking through the window every few minutes, checking the sky. The sun finally begins its slow set, suddenly softer and partially obscured by the massive, billowing clouds that have triumphantly filled the sky… 

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Memorial Day | Fork Knife Swoon

For Bud, and All Those Who Serve

My Dad sat behind the bar on the tall wicker stool, the same perch where Bud usually reigned, surrounded by his orchids and a bevy of photographs, trophies and travel souvenirs collected over a life nine decades in the making. An oil painting of some snowy West Virginia street hung behind him next to a… 

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Coconut Whipped Cream and Berry Parfaits | Fork Knife Swoon

Coconut Whipped Cream and Macerated Berry Parfaits

Popping in to say hello with a super quick and easy weekend dessert: the loveliest mixed berry parfaits that are sweet and decadent and also just so happen to be vegan and gluten free. This time of year, when the unrelenting heft of the Southern summer begins to creep in, punctuating perfectly gorgeous spring days… 

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Lattice Top Strawberry Pie | Fork Knife Swoon

Lattice Top Strawberry Pie

A good part of the morning was spent dusted with a fine layer of flour, dotted with butter, and rolling out pastry for a fresh strawberry pie. The strawberries, picked earlier that morning, just down the road, were perfectly ripe, on the verge of being overly so, and filled the kitchen with their sweet, musky… 

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