August 23, 2016

Summer Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, and Miso Butter

Summer Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, and Miso Butter | via @forkknifeswoon

Our garden got off to a bit of a slow start this year, as ‘Summer’ didn’t really kick in until late July. But after a few weeks of long, hot days, we are finally, thankfully, basking in tomato heaven.

This easy Summer pasta recipe takes full advantage of our August bounty.

Quick burst cherry tomatoes, sweet yellow corn, a few crumbles of tangy goat cheese, and a slathering of umami-rich miso butter, all atop perfectly al dente brown rice pasta… say hello to (late) Summer in a bowl!

Summer Pasta with Burst Cherry Tomatoes, Corn, and Miso Butter | via @forkknifeswoon Continue Reading…

August 16, 2016

Easy Maple Plum Puff Pastry Tarts

Easy Maple Plum Puff Pastry Tarts | via

With gorgeous, end-of-Summer stone fruit stacked high in the market – just showing off, really – I’m currently buying peaches and plums like they’re going out of style. To take advantage of the bounty, I made the easiest of sweet breakfast treats for you: maple plum puff pastry tarts.

These sweet little plum tarts are a breeze to make and require a whopping four ingredients (but really let’s call it two, as sugar and good maple syrup are definitely pantry staples around these parts). All that’s left on your ingredients list is puff pastry dough and an armful of fresh, ripe plums – or any other stone fruit that strikes your fancy.

Easy Maple Plum Puff Pastry Tarts | via

So let’s layer pretty plum slices on top of flakey, buttery puff pastry, sprinkle on a spoonful of coarse sugar before baking to golden perfection, brush on some dark maple syrup while the tarts are warm from the oven – for good measure – and indulge in this sweet, Summer goodness. Continue Reading…

August 2, 2016

Whole Grain Strawberry Buttermilk Cake

A simple and delicious Strawberry Buttermilk Cake (made with whole grain flour!) | via

How is it already August??

I picked those strawberries – whose nubbly, irregular appearance far belies their superior, sweet flavor – from our backyard garden boxes, weeks ago now, and baked this simple strawberry buttermilk cake as a special treat before my husband left for another deployment.

The night before he left, we sat out back in our turquoise adirondack chairs under the patio umbrella as it gently rained around us. It was still warm and the air was thick, in that humid, Summer-y way I mostly remember from living in the South.

We drank wine and ate cake, and lingered in the golden evening light, staying there longer than we normally might, soaking up the evening and each other’s company, and not wanting the day to end. The next morning, I dropped him off on post, then stopped at the market to buy a few bunches of bright, golden sunflowers, to keep things cheerful in his absence.

And I baked another cake. Continue Reading…